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Chiltern Challenge Ultra

15-Jul-2017 Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, England, UK

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Vartry Lakes Ultra

14-Apr-2017 Wicklow, Ireland

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Chester Ultra

25-Mar-2017 Chester, England (UK)

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Smith Rock Ascent

06-May-2017 Smith Rock State Park, Oregon, USA

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Orhangazi Ultra Marathon

22-Apr-2017 Bursa, Orhangazi, Turkey

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23-Sep-2017 Les Diablerets, Vaud, Switzerland

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100 Meilen Berlin - The Berlin Wall Race

12-Aug-2017 Berlin, Germany

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Iceland Laugavegur Ultra Marathon

15-Jul-2017 Laugavegur, Iceland

Recently Updated Events


Endure 24 Reading (24 hours)

10-Jun-17 UK (England)
Wasing Park nr Reading



Hahlici Trail

03-Jun-17 Croatia



Ucka Trail

09-Sep-17 Croatia
Moscenicka Draga


Dawn Chasers - 12 Hour Night Trail Run

22-Apr-17 UK (England)
Wimbleball Lake, Nr Dulverton, Exmoor



Paranesti Path

14-May-17 Greece





Glacier Ridge Trail Ultramarathons

13-May-17 USA
Moraine State Park



Cateran Trail Ultramarathon

13-May-17 UK (Scotland)
Spittal of Glenshee Hotel

Recent User Reviews


3 Towers Ultra

Great run - some challenging terrain and tricky navigation but all adds to the fun! Spectacular views and very well supported - very friendly feeling to the event with a lovely pub at the end.


Wooler Trail Marathon

I ran this in November 2016. This was the first running of this race and what a beauty it is. Apart from a short tarmac section at the start and finish this race takes you through the Cheviot hills, along the Pennine Way and St Cuthberts Way. As it takes in the summit of the Cheviot itself, this ...


Haría Extreme

There are races and there are races – this is, most certainly, the latter. Haria Extreme is a race I would do year in and year out if it were closer to home and my experience was one of absolute delight, basically you can’t go wrong by entering. It has everything packaged up as a lovely low key ...


Ring of Steall Skyrace™

Toughest (possibly slowest!) 18 miles in my running career. Breathtaking in every sense. We were blessed with stunning weather and no midges! I would definitely score this race closer to 4.5 for difficulty.Not just 3!!! After a half mile of road the race 'proper' opens with pretty much a VK to s...


The Druid Challenge

2016 - ran purely as MdS prep last year but returned again this year to have a proper crack at the race. UK multi-day races simply don't get any better than this. Beautiful and challenging course. Excellent organisation. Fantastic atmosphere. XNRG really look after everyone whether you are an ul...

Just another runner

The Cotswold Way Challenge Multistage Ultra

A great event in beautiful surroundings. The Extreme energy team are a great bunch and took the time to get to know everyone, it has a very family feel about it and I can see why people come back to these events. Plenty of aid stations throughout the day and during the evening you get a talk from...


Wendover Woods 50

I ran this in its first year (2016). I had some reservations about the fact it is five laps as I have previously found laps or out and back routes to be mentally challenging. However, it is fairly local to me and the elevation profile appealed - I like hills and wanted a challenge. I also know th...


The New Forest 50km

Great small event with lapped course on good trails. Friendly marshalls and very good quality tech T-Shirt. Recommended as a well-organised, beginner friendly ultra. Drawback - there were errors in the chip timing results for the 50k. Such things happen, but despite trying several times to cont...



Ronhill hydration vests

I associate Ronhill with no-nonsense, practical gear for the hills and this is very much what you get with these two hydration packs. They are designed for different things, the Pioneer having more features and the Nano being very stripped down and race ready.



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It is that time of year again when you need to get your Santa hat on and start stocking up with special treats for your nearest and dearest. Champagne? Lingerie? Chocolates? Hmm… not so much.

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The Top Race Reviews of 2016

We feel that some of the most valuable content on RunUltra, comes from you the community, in the form of critical and informative race reviews. These provide runners like us with a goldmine of information, that makes the often difficult task of deciding which race to throw ourselves at, just that little bit easier. So a huge thank you to all the contributors this year, the quality has been amazing.

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Shortlist for the RunUltra Blogger of the Year Award 2016

There is no doubt that the quality of blogs this year has been outstanding. After much deliberation, and it was a very daunting task, we have chosen the shortlist for the RunUltra Blogger Award for 2016.

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The Last Desert race begins

The final frontier – Antarctica – plays host to the Last Desert race which begins on the 18th November and finishes on the 29th November. It is a 6-stager, covering 250 kilometres and is semi self-supported.

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Druids Challenge 2016

This year’s Druids Challenge started on Friday 11th November and finished on Sunday 13th November. First for the men was Julien Laurent with 12.16.31 and first for the women was Sarah Hill with 12.43.10. She also came 4th overall.

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RunUltra Blogger Award's 2017

Hi RunUltra Community, Welcome to the 2017 RunUltra Blogger Awards. A guide to the Awards, including an FAQ can be found -> here. However, if you've still got questions, we've set up this thread as a place where you can fire away and receive a reply from us. From time to time, we'll also post extra information on the Awards here. Cheers and good luck to anyone nominated! Luke

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How many miles is enough?

Hi, I have just got back into running after a long break, (18 years long!) I am 45 btw. I am following a marathon programme and doing 20-25miles a week and I am finding its all going very well. My plan was to do the Dorchester marathon in May and then I thought well maybe ill do Gloucester in February and now my thoughts have turned to ultras. I live in Warminster Wiltshire and am a couple of miles away from where the Imber Ultra 33m starts in March and now I am keen to do that. I can up my miles to 4 or 5 a week and maybe 30-35 miles a week but no more due to work and family commitments, so the question is will that be enough? Any thoughts would be appreciated and tips on training and kit etc. Dean

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Addo Elephant Trail Run

This thread is setup for queries and information regarding the Addo Elephant Trail Run™, presented by Raidlight® The race is ITRA certified, and points for finishing are allocated as follows: 100 Mile - 6 points 76km - 4 points 44km - 2 points If you are looking for a truly wild trail running adventure, then we invite you to take on the 100 Mile, 76km or 44km ultra-trail runs through the vast and beautiful Addo Elephant National Park in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run wild and free through true African wilderness? Imagine being surrounded by the animals, sights and sounds of the African bush as you test yourself against the distance & challenges of an ultra trail run? Come and feel the excitement and thrill of running wild through the African bush! Addo is the ONLY national park in the world that can lay claim to having the Big 7 (elephant, lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo, southern right whale and the great white shark). With race routes designed to test you both mentally and physically, the trails track the rugged Zuurberg mountains and beautiful valleys of the park. You will be challenged to run on a wide range of terrain including single track trails, 4x4 tracks and old jeep tracks within the park itself, as well as some stretches of dirt road. You will encounter a large number of river crossings, and will also face some challenging climbs, with expansive views at the top that are simply amazing! You will be running in areas of the park that are home to a variety of wild animals, and you stand a chance of seeing animals such as kudu, impala, baboons, ostriches, bushbuck, black backed jackals, mountain reedbuck, red hartebeest, mountain zebra, warthogs and the largest antelope in the world - the eland! These have all been spotted on our route recces. For safety purposes you are kept away from those areas of the park with lions, elephant, rhino or buffalo, but you are free to explore these areas before or after the race. We are exceptionally privileged to be able to present an ultra trail event in this amazing location, and to provide our athletes with the opportunity to see and experience it from such a unique perspective. If you think you are fit enough to go the distance then click here to enter now, and come and experience a truly wild ultra trail running adventure! Please post any queries you may have regarding the event in this thread, and we will respond.

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First Ultra Event

Hey guys (.....and gals), I'm looking to enter my first ultra, and am looking for an event to "ease" myself into the ultra world. I'm based in the South West (Wiltshire). Any suggestions (and reasons for that suggestion) are welcome....... Thanks in advance 😉

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Marathon du Mont Blanc

Hello, Has anyone signed up for this and looking to swap hints and tips leading up the event? My husband and I entered the marathon with the results of the ballot being released on Monday. Already booked accommodation and lucky enough to arrive the weekend before to acclimatise (live at sea level). We're overdue a holiday so if we're not successful in any of the races we'll still have fun cheering others on.

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50K in Kansas


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results list

Results from the Swedish Alpine Ultra 16 juli 2016 Rank Time Family name Name Sex Nationality Bib number City Team 1 12-10-15 Orsvärn Sten M SWE 10 Skarpnäck Stockholm LDK 2 12.35.41 Johansson Tobias M SWE 2 Älvsjö 3 13.22.01 Bahr Adam M SWE 38 Lund IF Lunds Karate Kyokushinkai 4 13.48.15 Jakobsson Lena F SWE 22 Nybro Glasrikets rc 5 13.50.49 Bindler Rickard M SWE 15 Umeå AXA SC 6 14.18.50 Hektor Lars M SWE 8 Tjörnarp 7 14.27.52 Lorinder Susanne F SWE 33 Österskär Team Nordic Trail 7 14.27.52 Leiding Thom M SWE 29 Vallåkra Scania Road Runners 9 14.33.43 Sihm Henrik M SWE 6 Malmö 10 14.33.56 Wärmländer Alexis M SWE 12 Vaxholm 11 14.42.10 Perttu Daniel M SWE 3 Karungi/Risudden 12 14.46.30 Martinez Azorin Adrian M ESP 27 Alicante CDME Trail Villena 12 14.46.30 Martinez Menor Roberto M ESP 28 Alicante CDME Trail Villena 14 14.48.39 Wallmark Henrik M SWE 37 Kinnarumma 15 14.51.48 Nyman Lina F SWE 14 Stensvala Morjärd SK 16 14.55.22 Eriksson Marcus M SWE 9 Knivsta 17 15.33.17 Bruno Tobias M SWE 35 Stockholm 18 15.46.37 Forsberg Hanna F SWE 26 Luleå 18 15.46.37 Älvstrand Marie F SWE 25 Luleå 20 16.14.53 Hjärtström Kristoffer M SWE 32 Umeå 21 20.48.00 Bryngelsson Sanna F SWE 30 Stockholm 21 20.48.00 Persson Karl-Johan M SWE 31 Stockholm 23 22.04.00 Hederoth Johnny M SWE 19 Spånga 23 22.04.00 Wååg Jonas M SWE 17 Åkersberga Team Nordic Trail 25 22,10,25 Henriksson jan M SWE 24 Järvsö Järvsö IF 25 22,10,15 Evén Stefan M SWE 34 Täby 27 22.19.25 Gisselbaek Mogens M DEN 36 Köpenhamn 28 22.20.20 Ingdal Larsen Thomas M NOR 40 Brekstad 29 23.39.10 Rosencrantz Henrik M SWE 5 Uppsala IF Mantra Sport 30 25,48,25 Pettersson Klas M SWE 18 Åkersberga Team Nordic Trail 31 25.48.27 Hansson Margareta F SWE 39 Hägersten AXA SC 31 25.48.27 Nyberg Hans M SWE 1 Nol 33 26.00.50 Abu-sitta Nassar M SWE 16 Västerås 34 27.23.11 Hellqvist Olof M SWE 13 Järfälla

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Is anyone heading over to La Palma next week for Transvulcania? There's a wealth of information here-https://www.facebook.com/groups/transvulcania2016/ Thanks Wallman https://www.facebook.com/01wallman/

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