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The Coastal Challenge

10-Feb-2019 San José, Costa Rica

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The Everest Trail Race

04-Nov-2018 Lukhla, Nepal

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Marathon des Sables

05-Apr-2019 Merzouga, Morocco

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The Namibia Crossing Wildrun®

16-Jun-2019 /Ai/Ais- Richtersveld Transfrontier Park, South Africa & Namibia

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My First Ultra: How to train for ultras in the city

By Andy Mouncey

A Training Plan Framework for… Newbie Baby: age 27, time-poor, city-bound working 50-55 hours/week plus 45 minute commute each end, single or in a relationship, history of regular physical activity but running limited to 5-10km events and strength work limited to class-based workouts.

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How to set heart rate zones and optimise your training

By James Eacott

In the first of a three-part series, James Eacott looks at setting heart rate zones. This will be followed by how to use your heart rate zones and then how to evaluate your zones and use them in training…

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Training for the Everest Trail Race

By Alice Morrison

“When you start from such a low base, anything you do is going to help,” said Andy Mouncey as we had our first skype training session in July. “I’m not put off by the fact that you are totally out of shape and say you don’t like running. This is about covering the ground as efficiently as possible.”

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Scarpa Neutron 2 shoe review

By Dan Stinton

I’d enjoyed running so much in the Scarpa Neutron 2s that I’d genuinely forgotten I was meant to be reviewing them!



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Recent Member Reviews


Chiltern Wonderland 50

This was my second attempt at an ultra and my first completion, so a huge thanks to centurion running for that. Everyone involved in the organising was very helpful and happy, which really makes the day a great experience. The route was really well marked with tape and signs and whilst it's alway...


Wye Valley Challenge

Wye Valley Ultra, Aug 11, 2018 This was my 3rd 100km ultra (2nd with ultra challenge, action sports) and so knew a little of what was to come in terms of the well stocked aid stations and supportive staff. However, I was blown away by the effort made from all those putting on the event. From t...


NJ Ultra Festival

2017. I was entered into the 100 mile but ended up doing the 50. The river crossings were very flooded because it had rained a lot, and also the course was much more technical and muddy than I had imagined. Overall I really liked the race. It was really pretty in the woods and the trails were fun...


Eco-Trail de Brussels

I took part in the 2018 Ecotrail Brussels event. What attracted me about it was that it was a chance for a short trip away and fitted nicely timing wise between Race to the King and Wendover Woods 50. Compared to UK events the lead up information was ok, advice on hotels and location was pretty g...


Ultra Trail Bosques del Sur

2018 Okay, hands up, I've only done the Marathon route of the Ultra Trail Bosques del Sur which covers around 46km of the Ultra route but it's stunning. This race is easily the most beautiful I've ever done and 2018 wasn't the best year weatherwise. Yes, it can rain and it can rain torrentially ...


Ultra Sierra Nevada

2016 & 2018 Ultra Sierra Nevada is technically my 'local' since moving to Granada and boy is it a local race to have in your back-yard. I first tackled the 100-odd km, 6000m+ / 4000m- back in 2016. It was tough then and it's still tough. As ever, this year's race started from the centre of G...


TDS (Sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoie) (/Events/TDS

I typically prefer low key events, but it is hard not to enjoy the huge support and enthusiasm that you meet on this race. I was prepared for the distance, but the steep and technical nature of some of the trails cought me a little by surprise - some of the second half of the race felt more like...


River Ayr Way Challenge

I have now completed the 2017 and 2018 River Ayr Way Ultras and on both occasions they were great fun, brilliantly supported and impressively well organised. You can be collected from coach pick up points to be taken to the start at the River Ayr's source at Glenbuck or you can be dropped off. ...


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Win for Jornet and battle royal for the women as Scotland hosts Skyrunning World Championships

By Alice Morrison

What a weekend it was in the Highlands of Scotland! For the first time, Scotland hosted the biennial Skyrunning World Championships.

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Top Reviews August 2018

By Luke Jarmey

We’re pleased to announce our top reviews for August. So congratulations to Deirdre O’Riordan who will receive a pack of 33Shake Chia Energy Gels.

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7 articles on body changes, hiking, running efficiency, training tips and holiday training

By Elsa Trujillo

For ultra runners, a change of season and weather brings a change of pace and some long term training goals for 2019 events. This week, we’ve put together a great collection of training-related articles for all your running endeavours and aspirations.

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Camino on the run

By Alice Morrison

Many ultra runners take on long distance challenges throughout their running careers but Agnieszka Pami and Marek Pamula had a humanitarian motive behind their 800 kilometres run along the Camino de Santiago.

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FKT attempt of the Wicklow Round in Ireland

By Alice Morrison

We may be in the midst of UTMB madness but it is always great to hear about new books/films out. This one is a corker.

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Xavier Thevenard and Francesca Canepa win UTMB 2018

By Alice Morrison

Xavier Thevenard and Francesca Canepa win UTMB 2018. A great night for the Europeans!

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Latest from the Community


Your thoughts - for a newbie

Hi guys I'm sure you get a lot of these types of threads, so apologies if they're a bit tedious...! A bit of advice. I'm currently navigating post-run blues having done the Great North Run on Sunday. A massive come down now after four months of pretty full on dedication. I ran the London Marathon in 2016 too, so have some experience of distance. I'm pretty sure I want my next challenge to be my first Ultra. I'm also always a bit stupidly ambitious, but have the mindset to achieve my objectives too. Having done a bit of research, I have my eye on the Race to the Tower next summer. So - am I entirely foolish even to think that my first Ultra would be a double marathon, or, so long as I was meticulous in my preparation, is that a reasonable goal? Let's throw that out there for starters! For reference, I'm male, almost 49, fit with no medical issues (other than OCD when training for a race...) and did London in 3h05m and the GNR in 1h28m. Your thoughts would be very welcome... Thanks! Ben

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Ladies need encouragement to commit to Ultra?

I've got two lady run buddies who say they want to do the Imber Ultra that I've started training for. I've extended the 16 week Competitor plan to 24, made a FB group for it, joined them, made a simple fuelling plan knowing the checkpoints are max. 7.4mls. apart. Sign up is Oct. but they haven't said any more about it on the couple of runs we've been on since. Is there anything more I can do to encourage them?

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Mt Snowdon Ultra 50 & 100

Ultra Great Britain's inaugural Mt Snowdon Ultras start on Saturday. Runners competing in the 50 miler will have 24 hours, and those running the 100 miler will have 48 hours. Those cut-offs speak for themselves - these are tough routes with killer climbs. The 50 has 17919 feet of ascent, and the 100 has 29199 feet. Unless you are a mountain goat, there is going to be a lot of uphill walking. However, runners can be sure of great support and checkpoints from the Ultra Great Britain team, and some spectacular views. The races start in Betws-y-Coed, and Mt Snowdon is one of many mountains entrants will summit. Others include Glyder Fawr, Y Garn and Pen yr Ole Wen. The races are part of the UGB 50 and 100 mile Grand Slams and look to be a great addition to the ultra calendar. Good luck if you are taking part. It would be great to get some reviews of the inaugural races.

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Salomon Skyline Scotland 2018

Scotland is about to play host to 4 days of Skyrunning. Salomon Skyline Scotland kicks off with the Salomon Mamores Vertical Kilometre on Thursday. Saturday is all about the 29km Ring of Steall Skyrace. However, we will have our eyes on the two ultras - Ben Nevis Ultra on Friday, and Glen Coe Skyline on Sunday. Both carry a health warning - 'risk of serious injury or death'. These events are for experienced mountain runners only - much of the routes are remote, and the weather can change in the blink of an eye. BEN NEVIS ULTRA This 52km route is a mix of technical terrain, short sections of scrambling and some more runnable sections. The race starts at the southern shore of Loch Ness, and runners will encounter 5 Munros, including a summit of Ben Nevis - the UK's highest mountain. Last year's winners were Donald Campbell and Mira Rai. Donnie is back to defend his title, but will face tough competition, including Jonathan Albon, who came second in last year's Glen Coe Skyline. Competitors in the women's race include Katie Kaars Sijesteijn and Ragna Debats (third in last year's Glen Coe Skyline). GLEN COE SKYLINE This 52km route is seriously brutal. It contains 4750m of ascent and includes long and sustaines periods of scrambling, with no fixed ropes to assist. This is Scotland's mountains at their most challenging. Last year, this race tempted Kilian Jornet to make his UK debut. He and Emilie Forsberg were the winners. Kilian is back again to defend his title. In the women's race, Katie Kaars Sijpesteijn is going for the double by doing both ultras. Other contenders include Jasmine Paris.

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Hardmoors 60 2018

Hardmoors 60 is a 100km route that takes runners along the Cleveland Way from Guisborough to Filey, and it is one part of the Hardmoors 110 route. The rest of the Cleveland Way is covered in the Hardmoors 55 route in March. Hardmoors 60 is largely a coastal route, making it very different from the 55. Cliff top trails bring stunning views, but also an awful lot of steps! These are a nemesis for many runners. However, our 12 runner reviewers all gave this race 5 stars, suggesting that climbing those steps was worth the effort. This year's runners set off at 8am on Saturday and have up to 18 hours to complete the route, which contains plenty of tough climbs. As well as coastal paths, runners will pass through coastal villages and towns such as Saltburn, Robin Hood's Bay, Whitby, Ravenscar and Scarborough. Good luck if you are taking part!

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Tor des Géants 2018

TDG takes endurance to another level. If you thought UTMB was hardcore, try to imagine running for 200 miles in the mountains. Tor des Géants starts and finishes in Courmayeur and includes Alpine trails at the foot of the Four-Thousanders, Gran Paradiso National Park and Mont Avic Regional Park. Approximately 500 runners from across the globe will be taking part and aiming to climb a total of 24,000 metres in the process. Competitors have up to 150 hours to complete the race, but there are no stages. They start at 12pm on Sunday (11am UK time), and must finish before 6pm the following Saturday. When, where and how long they sleep is up to them - the clock never stops ticking. Last year's winners took considerably less than 150 hours - Javi Dominguez was first to finish in 67:52:15, and Lisa Borzani was first woman with a time of 89:04:32. Lisa is back to defend her title. Other participants include Joe Grant and Amy Costa. However, with so many runners from so many countries, it would be foolish to predict the winner. In this kind of distance, anything can happen!

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La Sportiva Grand Tour of Skiddaw

The Grand Tour of Skiddaw is a 44 mile race starting and finishing in Dalston, Cumbria. It takes place on Northern Lake District trails, with the climb up Skiddaw being around halfway through the route. It contains 7136 feet of ascent. Around 300 runners will be aiming to complete the route on Saturday, and the race is popular with our 10 runner reviewers. If you have run this race, what makes it stand out from other Lake District events? Good luck if you are taking part.

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UTMB 2018

Check out Alice Morrison's preview of this year's races here: https://www.runultra.co.uk/Articles/August-2018/UTMB-2018-Preview

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