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The Everest Trail Race

04-Nov-2018 Lukhla, Nepal

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Marathon des Sables

05-Apr-2019 Merzouga, Morocco

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The Namibia Crossing Wildrun®

16-Jun-2019 /Ai/Ais- Richtersveld Transfrontier Park, South Africa & Namibia

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Summit Wild Ultra

29-Jul-2018 Huccaby Farm, Devon, England, UK

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The Coastal Challenge

10-Feb-2019 San José, Costa Rica

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Ultra marathon training guides to help you become a better ultra runner

How to run - Part 1

By Alice Morrison

What is this article doing on RunUltra as the home of the ultra athlete, compendium of the experienced and dazzling distance runner, community of the genetically blessed, you may ask?

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The Goldilocks Protocol

By Andy Mouncey

If the title has you scratching your head, then you either need to rummage through your grandparents’ book collection – old things with quaint paper pages, remember? – or worship at the altar of the search engine under ‘Nineteenth century fairy tales / Goldilocks and the Three Bears.’

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Ultranoia – how to cope in final lead-up to race day

By James Eacott

The term ‘Maranoia’ has been bandied around for a few years now. Used to describe the feeling of lack of preparation leading into a marathon, it’s a very real condition. Did I do the right training? Have I eaten properly? Did I buy the right kit? Will my feet hold up?

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361 Degree Sensation 3 running shoe review

By Fiona Outdoors

I have been testing the 361° Sensation 3 running shoe. China-based family-run company 361° has launched their running apparel and shoes for sale in Europe and the UK.



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Recent Member Reviews


Hoka Highland Fling

I ran this in 2018 as my first Ultra over 50 miles and it was an absolute dream of a race. By no means easy, but the views and scenery make up for for this! The organisation was absolutely flawless as well, check points were ran with military precision with hugs on hand if you needed one. The e...


Suffolk Trail Festival 24 Hour Race

5 star event had a great weekend we’re all coming back next year


The Wall

A great event along Hadrian's wall. Slick registration the night before the race & excellent organisation throughout. Well marked route & great scenery with a cool finish crossing the Millennium Bridge in Newcastle. Very well stocked pit stops, great crews & support throughout.


Malvern Hills Ultra

My first "Ultra" (I did the 29 mile, which turned into 34 miles due to a last minute CP change)and it didnt disapoint. I couldnt have asked for a more relaxed and friendly event. It was pretty tough (for me) but a great first experience of Ultra events. Scenery was amazing (it helped with the suf...


mozart 100

This is now the second year I've run this race, 2017 I did the 100k, this year I ran the 64k. Still a relatively small race for a WIUT race, the 100k had less that 200 entries and the 64k less than 300. That being said, the organisers have continued to enhance the set up, and expanded the facilit...


mozart 100

2018. I did the 61k race which is actually 63+k. The race was very well organized with a complete website and very responsive race team when asked questions via email. The race briefing and packet were complete and pretty much prepared us with the basics. The aid stations are well stocked and...


Vasaloppet Ultravasan

I ran Ultravasan 2015. If you are new to running ultra, this is an excellent race to begin with. Easy trail running, no intimidating altitude, most meters gained in the start when legs are fresh, and a fantasic organisation. One can seriously run all 90 km without backpack (as some do) as all che...


Hope 24

What an event!! Great MC, great organisers and great atmosphere. The little things that I really liked about this event was the terrific route marking, it can sometimes be tough to figure out the way, especially in the dark. The others things was the toilet and water station out of the festival a...


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Running with terminal cancer – an interview with Mark Thornberry

By Sarah Cooke

In August 2016, I ran my first ever 100-mile race - Centurion’s North Downs Way 100. Mark Thornberry was someone I followed on Twitter but had not met prior to the race.

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7 articles on sweat, injuries, blisters, mental hurdles, newbies and mistakes

By Elsa Trujillo

Late spring and early summer are busy weeks for ultra runners, with the global calendar crammed with crazy long distance events. So for this week’s selection of ultra running web reading, we have some very relatable themes.

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Top Reviews May 2018

By Luke Jarmey

We’re pleased to announce our top reviews for May. So, congratulations to Rosemary Byde who will receive a pack of 33Shake Chia Energy Gels.

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Comrades 2018 results

By Alice Morrison

It was a great day for South Africa at Comrades this weekend with Bong’musa Mthembu and Ann Ashworth coming in first in the men’s and women’s categories and South Africa also taking the second spots with Joseph Mphuthi and Gerda Steyn.

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How to load a race review

By Kathryn Bullock

We’ve put together a simple check list on how to load a race review.

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Your chance to win an Orange Mud Endurance Pack 4L– 3 winners to be picked

By Kathryn Bullock

You have 3 chances to win this very solid piece of kit from Orange Mud in our latest prize draw.

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Where do you buy your sportswear?

HI, Just curious where other people buy their exercise clothes as I struggle to findthings. TK Maxx is pretty good for some things but "sports" shops like JJB and JD sports seem to have less and less clothes for actually exercising in each time I go into them! I've even tried addidas and nike shops as they are sportswear brands but most of their stock is sporty looking clothing not intended for exercising in. I was lucky to find a swimming costume in my size in TK Maxx after much looking around (often they just have a choice of size 6 or size 26!) and a long sleeve runnign top in Nike after trying everywhereelse! Are there other places that I should be looking? Is this just a problem for women? (women's sections always seem to take up a miniscule section in sport shops) or am I just too fussy? Please help. I did not find the right solution from the internet. References: http://www.veganfitness.net/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=16232 Logistics Video Thanks!

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Best way to boost distance?

Hi everyone! I hope I am not posting this thread in the wrong place or without the correct permission (please let me know if I am) but I wanted to start a convocation about the best way to move from the Road running club runner to a distance runner. I recently ran the Henley 24 Hour endurance Race in Henley Upone-Thames and it was my first experience away from the normal town 5km/10km/half marathon etc running events. I am probably on this forum a bit premature as I am yet to run a marathon (I have signed up for Brighton and Beachy Head next year as well as put in for London) but I loved this event the combination of balancing nutrition, sleep (or lack of), preparation, conditioning and pure mental grit completely took me and I really want to start entering more of these style events, my main thought process though is that I competed as part of a team this year and although we racked up 159miles when split between the 7 of us I only ended up doing around 20-23miles and this was ran in 4x8km laps every 3 1/2 hours, seeing the true Ultra runners running effortlessly for multiple laps through the day/night made me question whether my current training is actually sufficient to meet the levels required as even with a little break i came away from the event feeling like i would not have managed another lap, the course was pretty tough with steep climbs/ off road terrain but im not sure where to go now? I currently run 3 times a week with my local Road Running Clun with one day been a Technical Session (speed/hills) and then i try get out for a Long run on the weekend (13miles normally) on average i rack up around 30miles per week and i generally run around the 7:30-8:30 min/mile pace depending on distance etc. i guess what im really asking is what steps can i take to define my training so i can compete in these events without endangering my body due to lack of correct training? thanks! Greg :)

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Trail Ibiza October/December

Hi, anyone ran any of these? How do they compare? Trykng to decide which to do. Group of us wanting to do different distances. Some more mature slower runners too so interested to know which has the more difficult downhill or trip possibilities! Also some non runners that just want to come for a holiday. Will there be anyvsunbathing opportunities late Nov/early Dec?

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Spine Fusion and Flare

The Spine Fusion and Flare are the summer versions of the Spine Race and the Spine Challenger. Both events start on Saturday at 8am in Edale. The Spine Fusion covers the entire length of the Pennine Way to Kirk Yetholm (268 miles), and runners have until 8pm on 1st July to complete it (7 days/168 hours). The Spine Flare is 108 miles and finishes in Hardraw. Runners have 60 hours to complete the event. Many runners use these events as preparation for the Spine Race and Spine Challenger or to help them decide if they want to take on those races. I imagine it's a very different beast in June compared to January. Special Cold Fusion awards are available to those who complete both a summer and a winter Spine race. If you are familiar with the Pennine Way, what is your experience of winter versus summer? Good luck to all the runners.

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Western States 100

WS100 starts at 5am PDT on Saturday - that's 12pm UK time. Up to 369 runners will have a maximum of 30 hours to complete the USA's oldest 100 mile ultra. The race is always exciting, and it is one of the most hotly followed/tracked ultra events. The route starts in Squaw Valley, eastern California, and follows the Western States Trail to Auburn, western California. It includes canyons of former gold country and remote regions such as the Granite Chief Wilderness. There is over 18,000 feet of ascent. Last year's race saw Jim Walmsley drop in the later stages, allowing Ryan Sandes to claim the title. Walmsley is back this year - can he use past experience to his advantage? There are plenty of other strong male contenders, including Francois D'haene and Tim Frericks. In the women's race, Courtney Dauwalter is a favourite after winning both the Sean O'Brien 100k and Ultra-Trail Mt.Fuji this year. Her competition includes two former champions - Kaci Lickteig (2016) and Stephanie Violett (2014). However, this race is known for surprises, so there is all to run for!

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The North Face Lavaredo Ultra Trail 2019

The 12th edition of the 120km Lavaredo Ultra Trail kicks off at 11pm (local time) on Friday 22nd June in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy. This challenging route through the beautiful Dolomites attracts both elite and amateur mountain runners from around the world. With over 5,800 metres of climb, many runners will be on their feet for up to 30 hours. The frontrunners will be looking to finish in closer to 12 hours. Last year's winner, Fabien Antolinos, finished in 12:32:34. He took the lead after Pau Capell was forced to drop with stomach issues, having looked set to take the title. Capell is back this year, but will face tough competition from top US runners Hayden Hawks and Tim Tollefson. The US also has some top runners in the women's race, including Clare Gallagher, Keely Henninger, Kelly Wolf and Darcy Piceu. They are joined by elite female runners from all corners of the globe, with Mira Rai, Nuria Picas and Fernanda Maciel amongst the favourites. The views from the mountains look spectacular, and both our runner reviewers gave last year's race 5 stars. Good luck if you are taking part.

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British 10K for Autistica

Hi there, I am messaging on behalf of an organisation called Autistica and I was wondering if you all were able to help. Autistica is the UK’s leading autism research charity. We fund research into autism and related conditions to improve autistic people’s lives by developing new therapies and interventions. All our research includes or is directed by members of the autistic community. We would love the opportunity to include members of this forum to take on a challenge and raise much needed funds for our cause, specifically to take part in the British 10K on the 15th of July. For more information, contact Tahera (tahera.kadir@autistica.org.uk). Looking forward to hearing from you all!

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Swiss Canyon Trail

This weekend is the 23rd running of the Swiss Canyon Trail races, but the first time that the K105 has been included - an ultra of 105km and over 5000 metres of elevation. Places at the inaugural event were limited to 150 runners. The event takes place in Couvet and the route includes Switzerland's Trail de l'Absinthe. According to legend, the absinthe valley is the land of the Green Fairy, and runners will encounter mountains, canyons, waterfalls, gorges, forests, streams and cliffs. The terrain is challenging and technical in places with constant switches between ascent and descent. There are three significant climbs: Chasseron (1,606m above sea level), Le Soliat (1,463m) and Mont de Baulmes (1,271m). The race starts at 5am on Saturday (local time) and the cut-off is 33 hours.

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