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The Coastal Challenge

08-Feb-2020 San José, Costa Rica

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The Everest Trail Race

07-Nov-2019 Lukhla, Nepal

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Marathon des Sables

05-Apr-2019 Merzouga, Morocco

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The Namibia Crossing Wildrun®

16-Jun-2019 /Ai/Ais- Richtersveld Transfrontier Park, South Africa & Namibia

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The value of a bespoke nutrition plan

By Renee McGregor

There is no doubt that interest in nutrition has risen significantly in recent years, particularly with the advent of Instagram. It seems that never before has what we eat been of such importance.

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How to eat your way to the finish of your next ultra

By Robbie Britton

One of the greatest ultra runners of all time, Ann Trason, once said that “ultra running is just an eating and drinking competition, with a little bit of running thrown in”. If you want to improve your ultra running then listen to Ann, she knows.

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Top advice on how to plan your first ultra

By Robbie Britton

Everyone is running ultra marathons now, it’s the cool thing to do. Lots are even skipping the initial marathon and jumping straight to the long stuff, but what should you think about before tackling your first ultra?

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Altra Superior 4.0

By Seth G

The Altra Superior 4.0 is more than a significant update to the Superior line. With an extremely comfortable upper and good traction, I would recommend these shoes for trail races less than 50 km. These are worth considering for those who love the zero drop feel and like a lot of room for the toes.



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Rat Race Mongol 100

2019 Mongol 100 Race Report I have two Mastiffs. Individually, neither is a brilliant beast full of terrific decision making. Together, they become half as smart. Both could be said about me and my friend Kerry Robinson. Kerry and I have traveled together for 35 straight years, often finding our...


Hardmoors 55

Hardmoors55(50) Hardmoors55 gave you everything that should be expected in a Northern Ultra in March. Mud, rain, 70mph winds & someone shouting 'Chuffin eck as the slid down Roseberry. Start of the race was very hectic, all cramped in the sea cadets hall listening to the RD (Jon's) brief. Due to...


The Oner Ultra Run

My toenails are still recovering from the Oner - Rab’s Ultra 2019. I started the race accompanied by another 92 fools like myself around 12pm on Saturday under the sunshine and unusually dry terrain but with a constant and rather annoying north-east facing wind that will not leave us alone until ...


100 Miles of Istria

Currently sitting in Trieste airport, less than 24hrs after finishing the race, I'm finding myself eager to tell everyone about this Croatian jewel. I ran the 'red route', 100 miles of the finest towns, mountains and views that the country has to offer. There are shorter routes 😉 So. The race....


Mizuno Endure 24 Leeds

2017 & 2018 run as part of a team of 8. We had a blast. We're not ultra competitive runners, but each like to push ourselves now and again. Endure24 is such a happy place to run, with great support, great facilities, great organisation and a really lovely course. It's the perfect event for those ...


Rose of the Shires Ultra 54

Super new addition to the UK Ultra scene. A very runnable single loop course passing through some of the best of Northamptonshire's countryside. A varied course with brilliant support from local running clubs, manning each aid station. Highly recommended!


Coastal Trail Series - South Devon (CTS) (/Events/Coastal Trail Series - South Devon

Marathon, 2019. The race was great, amazing scenery, lovely local people and, luckily, great weather. As usual, Endurancelife organisation is clear and overall ok, but not really good value (they don't even give a free tea, free massage or anything at the end) nor particularly personal. The cour...



I did this race in 2019. The registration process and the communication up until the race has not been incredible (emails, website), but everything was still quite clear and the staff has always been incredibly nice and helpful whenever I requested info. The race itself was amazing. Great scenery...


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Race overload – finding the balance between challenge and obsession

By Sarah Cooke

Ultra-runners are a diverse breed – our distances range from a bit more than a marathon to hundreds or even thousands of miles. Some of us pick one or two races a year and dedicate our training to them. Others seem to be racing every weekend.

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Top Reviews March 2019

By Luke Jarmey

We’re pleased to announce our top reviews for March. So congratulations to Neil Johnson who will receive a pack of 33Shake Chia Energy Gels.

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My Journey to Running and RunUltra

By Dan Stinton

I am in a moment of euphoria.  I’m not even thinking about running, it’s just happening.  It’s like I’ve stepped outside of my own body and am absorbing every positive vibe from the surrounding mountains.

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Did you know we can now list multiactivity, virtual and beach races?

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Ragna and Rachid take the top spots at the Marathon Des Sables

By Dan Stinton

Since Cactus finished stage 3 of the Marathon Des Sables, he’s caused quite a stir on social media and had even managed to obtain his own tracker to allow his fans to keep an eye on his progress for the later stages of the race.

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Pawfect finish at the Marathon Des Sables

By Dan Stinton

Four legs are better than two, right? It seems that the on-going Marathon Des Sables (MdS) has gained a rogue entrant when a dog decided to show us humans how to get through a multi-stage ultra. We also update you on the human entrants so far.

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Another year with no finishers at the Barkley Marathons

By Dan Stinton

It’s been a great few days as my Twitter feed has taken on a new life during the Barkley Marathons.

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Latest from the Community


Calf injury

Hi all, I'm trying to get into running after time away doing some rowing and cycling but have developed a problem in my calf. It keeps tightening up after about 20 mins similar to a cramp feeling so that I cannot run on it anymore. There is also tightness in my left glute. Can anybody recommend a running sports injury specialist? I'm based in Milton Keynes but happy to travel for the right person. Thanks Dave

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Running watches

Just curious as to what watches folk are using on their long runs . Having always got by using a faithful Garmin , i now feel i'm going to be i need of a watch with longer battery life . Have St Cuthberts Way at end of June , so realistically needing something that can last 15-16hrs And not be too hefty on the bank balance. Suggestions and advice please !

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Manchester to Liverpool Ultra

Around 300 runners will be spending Good Friday running 50 miles from Manchester to Liverpool along the Trans-Pennine Trail and banks of the River Mersey. The route reverses the popular Liverpool to Manchester Ultra (L2M Ultra) from previous years. GB Ultras events are some of the most visited pages on our listings site, and our 10 runner reviewers were full of praise for the L2M event. Runners set off from near Manchester United's Football Ground at 6am and have until 7pm to finish the route. The event is part of the GB Ultras 50 Mile Grand Slam. Given the 4-day weekend (for many), they will have plenty of time to recover and enjoy their Easter Eggs. The event is sold out, and we expect that a number of our members are running. Good luck to all involved!

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Marathon des Sables 2019

This year's race kicks off on Sunday 7th April, but runners will be arriving in Morocco tomorrow (Friday) and undergoing essential briefings and checks on Saturday. As always, it looks likely to be a fantastic race this year. This year is the 34th edition of MdS. Whilst claiming to be the 'toughest' race is never without controversy, the Discovery Channel did rate this one as 'The Toughest Footrace on Earth'. MdS is a 6-stage, 7-day race across the Sahara Desert - one of the most inhospitable environments on Earth. The exact route and length of each stage varies each year, but it is approximately 250km/156 miles, with the long stage tending to be at least 50 miles. This race is one of the few ultras to have made its way into the mainstream public eye. It attracts both elite and novice ultra runners - the competition at the sharp end is always fierce, but the cut-offs allow for runners of a range of abilities to take part in the adventure. None of this means it is at all easy. Temperatures can climb higher than 50 degrees C, and runners will encounter salt plains, desert mountains and sand storms. Their feet will likely look like something from a horror movie by the end of the race. They are given a water ration and a tent at night. Beyond that, they must be completely self-sufficient and carry all their food, clothing and supplies. Last year, Rachid El Morabity claimed his 6th victory, with little brother Mohamed finishing 2nd for the second time. Both are back this year and will face tough competition from runners such as Julien Chorier, Aziz El Akad and Merile Robert. Chorier is an MdS virgin, but El Akad has been in the top-5 seven times, and Robert finished 3rd last year. In the women's field, it's great to see GB's Gemma Game back again - she took 3rd place last year. She has some tough competition - Trail World Champion Ragna Debats is making her MdS debut, and 2013 winner Meghan Hicks is back for more. We'll be keeping track of the various stages, and RunUltra ambassador Susie Chan is on the media team and we'll be following her posts too.

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The Oner - Rab's Ultra

On Saturday, around 100 runners will be transported from Race HQ in Portland to their starting point in Charmouth, Dorset. From midday, they will have up to 24 hours to run the 82 miles back to Portland along the Jurassic coastline. This won't be easy - last year's winners recorded times of 18:45:09 (Anthony Gerundini) and 19:47:09 (Josephine Adams), with most finishers taking considerably longer. The DNF rate tends to be around 50%. Last year, 34/64 men and 5/10 women were able to complete the route within the time limit. The Jurassic coastline is beautiful but brutal. Runners will climb over 10,000 feet and encounter tricky terrain and considerable hours of darkness. However, all 4 of our runner reviewers awarded the event 5 stars, praising the organisation and scenery and confirming how tough a challenge it is (but ultimately worth it). Good luck to all this year's runners.

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Peneda-Geres Trail Adventure stage race

Has anyone ran Carlos Sa's Peneda-Geres Trail Adventure stage race in Portugal? http://carlossanatureevents.com/evento.aspx?idEvento=PGTA I'm looking for a European supported stage race, 6-7 days ideally and importantly two distance options so I can do the longer one and my wife can run the shorter one. It's a bit of a niche requirement, I accept, but this one seems to fit the bill, so I was wondering if anyone had any experience of it and could recommend it? (Staying in hotels rather than camping will be another plus for my wife too, I'm sure!)

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Barkley Marathons

Rumour has it it starts on Friday... Check out Dan Stinton's news: https://www.runultra.co.uk/News/March-2019/The-Barkley-Marathons-And-so-it-begins We will aim to keep you updated via this thread and our Twitter feed. It looks like Pavel Paloncy is joining James Elson as one of this year's entrants.

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SCOTT Dark Skies @Kielder

Dark Skies @Kielder starts at 5:30pm on Saturday. If last year is anything to go by, the winner will be finished before 8:30pm. The final finishers will cross the line after midnight. The 26.5 mile route takes runners on the Lakeside Way path around Kielder Reservoir in the Northumberland International Dark Sky Park. This is the largest area of protected night sky in Europe and was awarded gold tier Dark Sky Park status in 2013. On a clear night, the moonlight reflecting off the reservoir means runners may switch their headtorches off for sections of the race. Even in poor conditions, the chalk surface reflects headtorch beams, making this an ideal location for a night run. The route is fully marked and contains 2,188 feet of ascent. Both course records were broken last year, and 3 runners finished in under 3 hours. The current course records are 2:51:42 (Cees Van Der Land) and 3:30:14 (Victoria Nealon). Can they be broken this year? Watch this space.

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