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GlobalLimits Cambodia The Ancient Khmer Path

30-Nov-2018 Phnom Penh / Angkor, Cambodia

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The Coastal Challenge

10-Feb-2019 San José, Costa Rica

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Two Moors Ultra

29-Sep-2018 EX35 6EQ, Devon, England, UK

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Marathon des Sables

05-Apr-2019 Merzouga, Morocco

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Castle to Coast 50 Mile Ultra

30-Sep-2018 Drogo Castle, Drewsteignton, Devon, England, UK

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The Namibia Crossing Wildrun®

16-Jun-2019 /Ai/Ais- Richtersveld Transfrontier Park, South Africa & Namibia

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The Everest Trail Race

04-Nov-2018 Lukhla, Nepal

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Are you ready to tackle your first ultra?

By Andy Mouncey

Welcome to ultra running where the normal rules don’t seem to apply and it’s absolutely OK to jump right in.

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Race to your potential and execute your best ultra

By James Eacott

The best predictor of how well you might perform at your next ultra is your training. We believe – rightly so, to an extent – that the better we train the better we’ll perform. Indeed, the amount of work you put in generally equals what you get on race day.

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Calf Injuries and how to rehab them

By Karina Teahan

Calf injuries are very common in sport, accounting for 13% of football muscle injuries and more again in runners. It may be felt as a sudden sharp pain at the back of the lower leg causing you to immediately pull up or something more insidious that just builds up during your run.

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Columbia Sportswear Unisex Caldorado Running Pack Review

By Fiona Outdoors

Part of the Columbia Sportswear Montrail collection, the Unisex Caldorado Running Pack is aimed at distance runners.



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Recent Member Reviews


SCOTT Snowdonia Trail Marathon

2016,2017 & 2018. I love this race, it's beautiful but brutal. In my opinion the marathon is worthy of an "ultra" badge and this year(2018) the addition of a full ultra made it a complete event. There are 4x distances 10k, 21k, 42k and 60k. Always Aim High events really nail it every year, their...


Westcountry Ultra Hilly 50 Miler

A brilliantly run race. Very low key and grassroots with excellent support from the organisers and volunteers. Don't be fooled by the rating on here - unless you train regularly on steep climbs and descents, it's an absolute quad-killer. You can read or watch more about it at the following links:...

Cathie p

Race to the Stones

First ultra 100k over 2 days Varied terrain beautiful views great organisation fantastic support great pit stops and good selection of food wonderful crew


La Chouffe Trail

La Chouffe trail offers a 50k and a 100k, as well as shorter distances. I did the 50k in 2018, in scorching sunshine! The route is great, some very steep ascent and descent (no, Belgium isn't flat!!!), as well as some faster sections; 2 river crossings, which were very welcome to cool down. The l...


Race to the Stones

First ever ultra, non stop 100K along the ridgeway. What a choice, beautiful scenery, amazing support by both fellow runners and the great organisation and pit stop drinks, food and nutrition products. The volunteers were amazing, looking after everyone and making sure the spirits and health were...


Thames Path 100 ( TP100 ) (/Events/Thames Path 100

For anyone attempting their first 100 miler the Thames Path 100 is a great option. Well organised, well marked and well supported by the volunteers and staff that run the event. I'd highly reccommend running this race or any hosted by Centurion but I would also reccommend volunteering to see the ...


Caldas Ultra Trail

Great, great race! View was fantastic. We had a good mix or countryside and beach. Very well organised.


Spitfire Scramble

Just completed my second year Spitfire Scramble, a nice 10k route run as many lap as you can within 24hours as a team or individual. A perfect introduction to ultra running, night running and safe ground to push your limit break as you need to.


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Top Reviews June 2018

By Luke Jarmey

We’re pleased to announce our top reviews for June. Congratulations go to Ian Rowe who will receive a pack of 33Shake Chia Energy Gels.

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The Namibia Crossing Wildrun

By Alice Morrison

Sometimes we run an ultra because it’s tough, sometimes because it’s local, sometimes because it’s part of a training plan or our mates are doing it.

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Super Fit Training and event preparation

By Simon Mesner

Undertaking an ultra event, even for an experienced athlete, presents a major challenge and requires plenty of preparation that will have a major impact on many, if not all, elements of the participant’s life.

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Race to the Stones results 2018

By Alice Morrison

A staggering 2,500 runners and walkers were at the start line for the start of Race to the Stones and it was a hot one for all those taking part on the Ridgeway this year.

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Henriette and Jonathan Albon win the Scafell Sky Race

By Alice Morrison

Married couple Henriette and Jonathan Albon took the women’s and men’s titles today at the Scafell Sky Race (SSR).

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Rob Sinclair and Sophie Grant triumph in Lakes Sky Ultra

By Alice Morrison

It’s the fourth edition of the Lakes Sky Ultra (LSU) – a 56km skyrunning race with 4,500m of ascent in the Lake District National Park in the UK – and it provided plenty of adrenaline for the competitors and spectators.

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Latest from the Community


Understanding race results

Hi, I'm new to covering this race distance and recently completed race to the stones over 2 days. On the results page there is a section which has another time and the words: 'Chip time as 21-29year old' I have my age grade on there as I'm over 50 and the finish time which is the same as my Garmin, so not sure what this part means? Is it the average time for 21-29? Given as a comparison? Not that at 51 is want to compare myself to 21! Apologies for what might be a daft question.

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Training for Multiple Ultras

I see some people do all 3 of the "Race to the" series. they are 2 weeks apart generally and 80-100km each. (or indeed running multiple other long races, all in quick succession) How do you train for something like this where there is really only recovery time between races? Is training for the first enough, then it becomes all about recovery and cross training? How do you do it?

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Hardrock 100 2018

On Friday, 145 runners will set out from Silverton, Colorado on a 100 mile loop of the San Juan mountains. The race alternates direction, and this year's event is being run clockwise. The last 2 years have brought newsworthy wins from this race. In 2016, Kilian Jornet and Jason Sclarb controversially finished hand in hand to become joint winners. Last year, Kilian was first to kiss the hardrock for the 4th time, despite dislocating his shoulder during the race. The women's race was just as exciting, with Caroline Chaverot never losing the lead despite two falls and going off course. This year is the first time in 5 years that Kilian has not raced Hardrock - he withdrew last month. However, there is no shortage of contenders in the men's race. Xavier Thévenard will have his eye on the podium - in 2016, he came third after Jornet and Schlarb's joint win, and was the fastest ever runner up. Other contenders include Jeff Browning, who holds the Western States 100/Hardrock 100 double record - he came 3rd and 4th respectively in 2016. He finished 5th at WS100 last month. Troy Howard may also be one to watch - he finished 2nd in both 2009 and 2013, and was 5th in 2015. The women's race is looking very exciting this year. Nikki Kimball makes her Hardrock debut. After three WS100 wins, a UTMB win and an MdS win, and many more besides, she will have the podium firmly in her sights. However, she will face tough competition. Sabrina Little recently moved to the San Juan mountains to train for the race. She finished 3rd in last year's WS100, and could be a contender. Darla Askew has 5 previous Hardrock finishes and has just come second in San Diego 100 Mile race. Japan's Kaori Niwa is also one to watch - she was 4th in UTMB 2017 and came 2nd in this year's Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji. There are many more strong runners who could be dark horses - keep your eye on this thread and our Twitter account for updates.

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Badwater 135 2018

Monday sees the start of the 41st Badwater 135. Dubbed the 'world's toughest footrace', 99 runners from 22 countries and 22 US states will be aiming to run 135 miles from Badwater Basin, Death Valley National Park, to Mount Whitney. They will face altitudes of up 8360 feet and scorching temperatures. Badwater Basin has he lowest elevation in North America - 280 feet below sea level. The finish at Whitney Portal is 8360 feet above sea level. The route includes 3 mountain ranges and cumulative ascent of 14600 feet. Both current course records for the race were set in 2016 - Pete Kostelnick finished in 21:56:31, and Alyson Venti in 25:53:07. The average time on the course is around 40 hours - this race is a toughie! This year's men's line up is really exciting, and includes 4 former Badwater 135 champions: Pete Kostelnick (2015; 2016), Harvey Lewis (2014), Oswaldo Lopez (2011), and Zach Gingerich (2008). Whilst there are no recent champions in the women's field, there are plenty of strong contenders. They include Badwater veteran Brenda Guajardo ( 3 x winner of Nove Colli), Amy Costa (2nd in 2017) and Pamela Chapman-Markle (3rd in 2017). This promises to be a hard fought race. We'll be following and updating the forum and our twitter feed.

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OMM Alps

This weekend, the Original Mountain Marathon is in the Alps. The start and finish location is Garmisch-Partenkirchen on the German/Austrian border. In their teams of 2, entrants have the choice between a distance or a score based course. The A Course, if run in a straight line, is 55km (36km day 1; 29km day 2), and the B course is 38km (25km + 20km). However, teams must choose their own path between the marked checkpoints, so distances will vary. The winners are the first to reach the finish after passing through all the checkpoints. The Score courses are more suited to less experienced mountain runners, as the distance is more flexible. Entrants in the Long Score course have 7 hours on day 1 and 6 hours on day 2 to reach as many checkpoints as possible. The short score course allows 5 hours on day 1 and 4 hours on day 2. The format of the race is the same as the UK edition. If you are familiar with this area, how do you think it compares to running in UK mountains?

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GB Ultras is still relatively new on the UK ultra scene, but following the success of events such as the Race Across Britain and the Chester Ultra, their latest offering looks set to be a good one. Billed as both 'the toughest 24 hour race in the UK' and the 'most beautiful 24 hour lapped race in the UK', this event promises a lot. On Saturday, the entrants of the inaugural GB24 have 24 hours to complete as many 5.8 mile laps as they can in 24 hours. There are solo, pair and team entries. The catch? This is in the Lake District, and each lap contains 378 metres (1240 feet) of ascent. Those completing 14 or more laps will receive a gold medal. Those completing 8-13 laps will receive a silver medal, and those completing up to 7 laps will receive a bronze medal. Good luck to all the competitors - we look forward to hearing how you find the event.

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Lakes Sky Ultra

On Saturday, some of the most experienced mountain runners will take part in one of the most technically demanding and extreme UK races. Lakes Sky Ultra is part of the Skyrunning UK national series and classified as a 'Sky Extra' event. This is technical mountain terrain, scrambling and treacherous descents. Competitors will need to have proven ability on this terrain to enter. The race organisers describe the route as 'fell running on additives'. The race starts and finishes in Ambleside, and includes the slopes of Helvellyn, Birkhouse Moor, Striding Edge, and many more besides. There are also competitive 'super stages' - the climb up to Red Screes and the subsequent 5km descent back to Ambleside. There is no doubt that this race is tough. Even in July, conditions can be harsh in the Lake District, and a stumble could be highly dangerous. The reviews on our listings page suggest it is well worth it for those with the required skill - all 7 reviewers rated it 5 stars. The race is 56km with 4500m of ascent and a cut-off of 14 hours. Good luck to everyone!

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Scott Snowdonia Trail Marathon

As well as a marathon, Sunday will see runners setting off on the trails of Snowdonia for a 60km ultra, a half-marathon and a 10km race. The 60k/37 mile ultra contains 7257 feet of ascent, and runners will be treated to the trails, climbs and spectacular views of Snowdonia National Park. There are now a number of race directors offering trail events in Snowdonia - does this one stand out? As yet we have no reviews for this race, so if you are running, we would be very grateful if you could leave a review of your experience after the event. Good luck to all those taking part - it looks beautiful.

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