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7 articles on pink, plasters, pesky toenails and mountain ultra running

7 articles on pink, plasters, pesky toenails and mountain ultra running


Last updated: 19-Jul-18

By Elsa Trujillo

This is the week of the Marathon des Sables and plenty of its participants will have blisters or worse and maybe many of them will be carrying some old-fashioned plasters in their meticulously packed and weighed backpacks.

Here’s our latest selection of articles from the web focusing on your feet, your stability and nutrition to prepare you for your next challenge after the desert, a mountain ultra perhaps? Use our "Mountains" filter here to see the huge choice of mountain races this year.

How to prevent running blisters
Forget the expensive designer materials and any other trick you ever came up with to prevent a blister. The answer is simple: paper tape. Read the article.

Ingrown toenails: how to treat and prevent them
Ingrown nails can be a serious issue especially if you spend a lot of time going up and down mountain trails and don't cut your nails enough. Read the article to find out how to fix them which also dispels a few common myths about preventive measures.

Stability and alignment for trail runners
If you’re a leaner and you don’t know it, it could be causing havoc with your body and your running. Read this article to find out how to stop your body from auto-shifting away from your natural alignment.

Anaerobic fitness for mountain ultra marathons
New research shows how anaerobic fitness is better for tackling mountain marathons. Read the article here.

Fighting the pink in sports
Pink should be a choice, not an obligation when buying running or any other sort of sporting gear. Read on to find out why this is just the tip of the iceberg of how women are underestimated in sports such as ultra running and mountaineering.

Think you can run one?
We’ve selected this one for all those friends and relatives who still don’t get what it is about ultra running that makes you run out the door whenever you can. Read on to find out how the race directors of some of the most iconic races explain their appeal.

Nutrition for mountain running
And last, but not least, here is our favourite nutritionist Rin Cobb on the best nutrition for trail and mountain running. Read the article here.

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