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Top 10 most read newsletter articles

Photo credit: RunUltra.

Top 10 most read newsletter articles


Last updated: 13-Apr-17

By Elsa Trujillo

At RunUltra we know you like your top ten lists as much as anyone, so we thought we’d let you know which are the most read articles by you, our faithful newsletter recipients. If you’ve missed any of these, here’s a chance to catch up. The countdown:

10 Kilian Jornet v Everest

We’ve heard he’s going back to the Himalayas soon and this is James Eacott’s popular piece on his attempt to climb Everest last year first published on 6 October 2016. The world’s biggest mountain vs the world’s best ultra runner: Kilian on Everest.

9 Video bonanza

As part of our regular selection of interesting articles from the web, this was a special video selection by Elsa Trujillo which was very popular and was first published on 24 November 2016. Watch them again here

8 Christmas shopping

Of course, around Christmas time shopping lists for keen ultra runners are very popular and ours made this top ten. This top ten list by James Eacott and published on 8 December 2016. Browse through the list here to see if you’re missing any of our recommendations. 

7 Reading material

First published on 12 January 2017, this selection of articles from the web chosen by Elsa Trujillo included pieces on vitamins, hallucinations and mental strength. Read it here.

6 MDS training plan

Always a classic, particularly in the months coming up to this great desert ultra, Andy Mouncey’s 12-week plan for the Marathon des Sables was first published on 4 November 2016.

5 Losing the weight

Another popular article by James Eacott was How to lose fat ultra running, first published on 13 May 2016. James suggested a series of tips on exercises and nutrition to aid weight loss.

4 Best ultras

Way back in August 2015, Alice Morrison put together her top 10 best ultras from around the world. Her piece is still going strong today. Browse our favourite ultras here.

3 More reading material

Another selection of articles from the web by Elsa Trujillo made the top three of this list. First published on 31 January 2017 it included pieces on nutrition, alcohol and anxiety. You can read it here.

2 Stripping fat

Always a popular theme, Diana Green’s article on how to lose fat with the correct nutrition is our top two of this selection. It was first published on 23 June 2016 and you can re-read it here.

1 Running 100 miles

And finally, our most popular article on a newsletter to date is Andy Mouncey’s great plan to approach and tackle your first 100-miler. It was first published on 1 March 2017. Read it here.

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