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Train on stairs.

7 articles on SCD, guiding, first injuries, first ultras, rules and vertical running


Last updated: 19-Oct-18

By Elsa Trujillo

Our new (and assorted) selection of interesting articles on ultra running found on the web includes an inspirational video for mountain trail ultra running and, for the first time, links to podcasts on current health-in-sport issues. 

But we’ve also found a first-account experience on guiding blind people on a run, recommendations to avoid your first injury as a runner, and a debate on how regulated should ultra races be.

Finally, some training advice you can carry out in the comfort of your own home and our very own ultra running video by the great Susie Chan: recommendations on your first ultra. Enjoy.

Azores Trail Run
This is a great video to inspire your running:

Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD)
Sadly, SCD is back in the news again, after a young Belgian cyclist died during a race. Here’s a podcast that talks through possible causes, screening and prevention. It provides links to other British Journal of Sports Medicine podcasts.

Read Sablle Scheppmann’s account of her first guiding experience for a visually impaired runner.

Newbie runner? Avoid your first injury
Preventing your first running injury is key to ensure an injury-free running career. Read this article on the subject.

Rules or no rules?
Check out this article and join the debate on whether the introduction of rules in ultra running races protects the sport or tarnishes it.

Take the stairs
Ever heard of vertical marathons? You can add stair workouts to improve your leg strength and power. Read it and weep.

Your first ultra
Ultra runner Susie Chan offers her insights and recommendations for those facing their first ultra. Watch the video:

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