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7 weird and wonderful runner stories

Photo credit: Dan Stinton

7 weird and wonderful runner stories


By Kate Allen

First up, here is the result of an ultra that quite simply fills me with horror. The Tunnel. 200 miles. Inside a tunnel. Which is only 1 mile long. Mark Cockbain is well known for his sadistic pursuit of inventing races that challenge the mind as well as the body and he’s really come up with a grand one here. I am not sure at what point the desire for going for a jog turns into the desire to run up and down a tunnel like a rat in the sewer but please, if I ever show signs of interest in this activity, shoot me. Read it here.

This isn’t a runner story.  But I hope you’ll find it enjoyable nonetheless; I love stories of dogs who do amazing things and this really is a feat for anyone to do, let alone a dog with no equipment to survive in a place like that. Read it here.

Another chilly article, this one much more achievable to those of us who fancy running across ice – what an amazing experience this would be! Read it here.

From one extreme to another; you may know the Marathon des Sables was run last weekend.  Here’s how some runners got themselves acclimatised for the heat in preparation for it. Read it here.

This article about performance and alcohol fascinates me. That it even suggests alcohol might not be detrimental to performance I find baffling – surely my whisky drinking habits are the only reason I don’t podium at every race?? Read it here.

Dan Stinton has been our interim editor since January – in fact he started when I did and we both learned to swim in the deep end very quickly! I love hearing about how and why runners do what we do so here is his story. Read it here.

And finally, an amusing blog about injuries, niggles and how utterly hopeless we all are at managing them properly. Read it here.

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