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Top Reviews March 2019

Photo credit: Conrad Wild

Top Reviews March 2019


By Luke Jarmey

We’re pleased to announce our top reviews for March. So congratulations to Neil Johnson who will receive a pack of 33Shake Chia Energy Gels.

Hardmoors 55

Our top review for March comes from Neil with his grin inducing account of the Hardmoors 55. Written in an easy to read format, it paints a valuable picture of what the race entails. We love a belter of an opening line and Neil’s doesn’t disappoint.

‘My mood was about as dark as the rain clouds as we arrived at the start of this years’ Hardmoors 55. I'd felt under the weather all week and for the next 16 hours or so I was about to be under the weather for a little longer.’

‘I did laugh when a woman asked for directions to Chop Gate. A local I was with had to twice correct her pronunciation. It's 'Chop Yate!' He politely told her. I don't think she understood.’

‘The Hardmoors are aptly named and have a knack of finding you out. Any ***** in your armour will be revealed like a prize on a game show. Please don't ever change.’

Read it in full here

In no particular order, here’s our remaining top reviews for the month...

Marathon des Sables

A brilliant review of the 2017 Marathon des Sables from Mark Scott. Coming across as an extract from a travel diary, it really draws you in and depicts the highs and lows of this infamous race.

‘I was finally on the start line of a race I had dreamt about for so long. The research alone had been draining, nearly as much as the physical training but here I was, in one piece and ready for the adventure of a lifetime.’

‘I stumbled on and caught sight of a small desert mouse with enormous eyes staring up at me and looking pretty bemused by the dishevelled looking runner passing by.’

‘The blue water was appealing, but no swimming was permitted by any runners. A quick scan of everyone's mashed up and bloody feet explained why.’

Read it in full here

OMM Kamleika jacket

Craig Taylor see’s the OMM Kamleika as the perfect jacket for British mountain and fell running.

‘...the jacket was put through 70mph winds, driving rain & sleet for 30 miles, with nowhere to hide on the tops & across the moors. Apart from a little damp area near my stomach, it kept all that the North Yorkshire weather could throw at it.’

Read it in full here.

Scafell Sky Race

Michael Lucas explains why he found the Scafell Sky Race a truly testing but rewarding experience. Seem like he was blessed (or cursed?) with some very un-British like weather for the 2018 edition!

‘The race is truly brutal and mountain running in its purest form. Super technical throughout, exposure, boulder fields, scree runs, slabs, everything.’

‘I highly recommend this race if you’re after technical running!’

Read it in full here

Chester Ultra

‘Sometimes running isn’t all Sunshine and Unicorns.

I wasn’t sure whether to write this or not, I was concerned it would damage more than my ego. But I think as a few friends have said over on Facebook it is good to see that not every run is a good one and as long as we take something away from the experience, then is it really a bad one?’

With an opening paragraph like that, you’d be forgiven for chomping at the bit to read the rest of Ian Warrington’s Chester Ultra review. Well the rest of it doesn’t disappoint and what follows is an engaging account of Ian’s tough experience at the race.

‘At CP 1 I replaced my fluids with just plain water hoping if I could get something in then I could keep moving. Unfortunately for me that wasn’t the case. I was already starting to sweat quite badly and at 8am and cool I knew I simply couldn’t continue the way I was going.’

Read it in full here

Another top review of the Chester Ultra, this time from JONNYH649.

‘The CPs were every 6-10 miles apart fully stocked with plenty of food and a the volunteers were brilliant, they would fill my bottles, provide me with encouragement and would even provide first aid to any runner who required to it, frankly they are what made the day!’

‘A run into Chester centre and then it was time for the long slog up the canal after a brief stop for water at CP2. 6 miles up the canal (felt like a lot more) and it was time to pull off for the first of many farmers fields to wind our way to the 2 hills.’

Read it in full here.

The Chester Ultra has certainly been a popular one with our audience this year. Stephen Mackay rounds out the top reviews for this month with a great account of his Chester experience.

‘We arrive to the Waverton Village Hall for kit inspection numbers and live trackers so friends and family can see where we are. You can feel the nervousness and anticipation in the air. It gets livelier as the start time approaches. The Pros and amateurs mingle and banter stars and the nerves calm and I just drink it all in. This next part I’m not a fan tbh, as someone shouts it’s only a mile to the next point it felt like 3. And it’s through a lane to Delamere Forest it’s nice but it seemed to run forever it’s killing my patience this bit. I nearly cry when CP5 appears mile 34.4.’

‘I get a lift back to the start line and see Wayne and thank him for a truly unforgettable experience. No medal no t-shirt but a cuppa and a hotdog. Hey I earned this ok.’

Read it in full here

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