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Evgenii Glyva - winner of the 2014 Strasimeno road race

Evgenii Glyva

Evgenii Glyva - winner of the 2014 Strasimeno road race


Last updated: 06-Nov-18

By Elsa Trujillo

Background and ultra running experience

Evgenni Glyva is from Ukraine and ran his first ultra race as a way to finance his university studies. “My first ultra race (100 km) was in Belorussia in December 2008 at the Track and Field Athletics Arena. I ran 100 km in 7:35.40 and was the winner.”

In 2013, with a personal best of 6h 49m 53s he was the 11th (4th of his category) of the World list of best 100 km runners. He has been running ultras steadily since 2011 when he won the 100 K Nacht van West-Vlaanderen in Torhout (Belgium); in 2012 he won the 50K Ultramarathon des RTL in Rodgau (Germany) and in Italy in 2014 he was the winner at the 58 KM Strasimeno race in Parco del Trasimeno.

Evgenii believes the essential ingredients to being a successful ultra runner are simply a strong desire for running and a lot of patience. His top tip is “to keep a ‘cool head’, don’t run fast and don’t worry”. And don’t forget “comfortable trainers, your passport and your credit card!”

About his 2014 Strasimeno win

Although he favours 100 kilometre runs, the 58k Lake Trasimeno race in Italy, Strasimeno, is his favourite event of the year.

Q. What motivated you to do the Strasimeno race?
A. I’m interested in history and when I read that Hannibal fought the Roman Empire near Strasimeno Lake I wanted to visit the place and run this race.

Q. What was the toughest part of the race for you?
A. The toughest part of the race for me is the 33-38 km section.

Q. What did you most enjoy about this race?
A. After the winter holidays, Strasimeno race is the first race in my annual calendar and meeting with my Italian friends is the most enjoyable part of this race.

Q. Who or what has been your biggest help in doing the race?
A. My family, and since 2011, my Italian friend and manager Riccardo Biondi, are my biggest help in any race.

In the future

Q. What would be your dream ultra event?
A. I dream about the Marathon des Sables in Morocco.

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