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Photo credit: RunUltra.

7 articles on thinking on your feet, miraculous trails, high altitude and base running


Last updated: 15-Nov-18

By Elsa Trujillo

This week, our RunUltra selection of articles from the web covers:

The base phase
Extending your basic mileage is an essential part of training. Read this article to explore how to maximise it without sacrificing speed and the long run.

How slow can you go?
Slowing down your pace and staying healthy can ultimately lead to faster runs. This article shares advice on how to slow down your running to improve it. This article is no longer available.

Forsaking the pavement
Leaving behind the harsh urban setting of pavements and sidewalks to run the trails brings more benefits than just the view and the cleaner air. Read this article to find out how muscles, joints, the brain and your lungs will thank you for your decision.

If you’re not convinced, or finding a trail nearby involves a bit more effort than you think it is worth, here’s another article that highlights the five clear benefits of running the trails.

Running away with your thoughts
What happens when you run? Where do your thoughts go to? Maybe it’s complex math, solving work issues, planning your week ahead or to nowhere at all. One runner puts it down on paper. Read the article here.

But why do you run?
In the making, Soul Run, is a new film that explores the reasons why people choose endurance running. Shot mostly in the Himalayas, it follows different ultra runners as they tackle ultra distances and high altitude. Read about it here.

Light your trails
Whether you’re hooked on the night run or just carry a head torch for emergencies Steve Diederich has reviewed the latest Petzl torch to hit the market. Read what he thought about the REACTIK+ after taking it out for a trail run.

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