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RunUltra's Top 10 reviews for July 2016

Photo credit: RunUltra.

RunUltra's Top 10 reviews for July 2016


Last updated: 25-Oct-18

By Luke Jarmey

We’re pleased to announce our top 10 reviews for July. So congratulations to Sarah Cooke (@SarahCrunning) who will receive a pack of 33Shake Chia Energy Gels.

Lyke Wake Challenge - England, UK

‘Toughest’ and ‘best’ race often go together like two peas in a pod. This isn’t surprising really, as the harder we push our bodies, the sweeter that post-race beer tends to taste. Sarah resonates this outlook in her excellent review of the Lyke Wake Challenge. She describes a tasty combination of steep, wet, rocky and boggy terrain all bundled up in a well-organised, budget priced package. Sign us up!

Out of a total of 79 reviews, here’s our remaining top 9 for July.

NoMad Ultra - England, UK

The NoMad Ultra, was David Hindley’s (@drdavehindley) ‘second foray into the world of ultrarunning’. And by the sounds of it, it’s certainly not going to be his last. Alongside the great organisation and volunteers, we particularly like the sound of real ale at the finish line. Read his review.

Ben Smyth (@bensmyth18) also loved the NoMad, as a first time ultra-runner. He describes the route as a flat, canal-path-laden first half, before morphing into some hillier terrain. Of note, it turns out jacket potatoes were also on the finish line menu, yum.

Race to the Stones - England, UK

Alexandra Cook (@Diet360_) dived into Race to the Stones as her first multi day ultra, before bursting to the surface with 1st place female and 3rd overall. She describes a combination of great pit stops, a well-marked course and top flight medical stops for those pesky blisters. Well done Alexandra, and good luck for the 100km nonstop next year.

Dan Holloway (@agnieszkasshoes) echo’s Alexandra sentiments as well as providing some very useful footwear advice for the varying terrain encountered on route. Read his review.

Rachel Rumble pens a ‘totally rad’ race, with excellent organisation and the aforementioned, awesome pit stops. She had some slight niggles with the stretches of road running, but this hasn’t detracted from her first ultra-experience and in her own words, she’s, well… ‘hooked much…’.

Two Oceans Ultra Marathon - South Africa

Darren Smith (@RunnersKnees) is an ambassador for what’s marketed as the ‘world’s most beautiful marathon’, the Two Oceans. Though there was some disorganisation at the finish line, Darren describes a superb feeling amongst the running community. He’s back in South Africa next year to experience the course in its full, hopefully unaffected by bushfire, glory.

Brutal Enduro - England, UK

Low key, fun events are often some of the most memorable and the Brutal Enduro certainly seems to deliver on this front. Paul Kelly (@UltraBoyRuns), highlights a positive atmosphere which must help on the repetitive nature of these 12 hour events. We particularly liked his closing line of ‘It's not a course to underestimate but nor is it one to fear - ultimately if you decide to run you'll have, like I did, an awesome time!’. Read his review.

Chiltern Challenge - England, UK

Ian Hammett (@RunHammyRun) perfectly dispels the notion that ultras billed as beginner’s events, are for beginners only. In his words ‘(The Chiltern Challenge) really is for everyone and because of this the atmosphere is fantastic’. The efficient organisation of Extreme Energy coupled with a well marked, beautiful course seems to have provided a winning combo. Read the review here.

Extreme Energy’s impeccable organisation at The Chiltern Challenge, is further echoed by Jo Gibson
(@jogibson). Furthermore, the cooling woods, cornfields and steep steps of the course sound positively delightful, though we’re not so sure about the nettles. But hey, ultra-runners are supposed to be tough, so that shouldn’t matter. Read the review.

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