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Top Reviews July 2017

Photo credit: RunUltra.

Top Reviews July 2017


Last updated: 25-Oct-18

By Luke Jarmey

We’re pleased to announce our top reviews for July. Congratulations to Richard Bridgewater (@Squidge2406) who will receive a pack of 33Shake Chia Energy Gels.

Race To The Stones - England, UK

Richard Bridgewater states that the Race To The Stones is one of the greatest things he’s ever done. Well, reading his review, we can practically feel his buzz for ourselves. Not just an inspirational piece, Richard really delivers some gleaming gems of information that should help any prospective runner in next year’s edition. We particularly like his justification for the cost of the race:

Yes it is pricey at £109 but I still think it was value for money for two reasons 1) I signed up a year in advance so had forgotten how much it cost when I started. 2) How I felt when I finished, genuinely priceless

In no particular order, here are the remaining top nine reviews for July:

Over to another Race To The Stones review. We couldn’t help but be impressed by Brendon Petsch’s opening line: 

This was my first ultra (did the 100km non-stop run), so didn't really know what to expect

Quite a distance for his first ultra and, going by his review, he had an absolute blast!

Highland Fling - Scotland, UK

Ultras are a battle to finish, but that’s what makes them so addictive right? Stuart Ogden encapsulates this feeling perfectly in his report of the Highland Fling.

I flopped onto a chair and took on some coke. "Are you going on?" a marshal asked, 13 miles more, "yes" without hesitation. "Then get going!". I smiled and started up the track.

Ham & Lyme - England, UK

If you like beautiful scenery, mixed terrain (95% off road) and isolated trails then this is a great event.’

A thorough appraisal of the Ham & Lyme 50km by Adam Mangan (@AdamMangan). Sounds like the race is light on trail marking, but as Adam points out, this is certainly a plus point for a lot of runners.

Mark Fielding echoes Adam’s sentiments about the scenery in his own review of the Ham & Lyme 50km.

‘This is what an ultra marathon trail race should be like - a good mix of elite runners, beginners and intermediates, pitting their determination and motivation against a beautiful course with gorgeous scenery.’

The Great Barrow Challenge - England, UK

An absolute belter of a review of the Great Barrow Challenge from RunUltra’s very own Sarah Cooke (@SarahCrunning). Amongst the wealth of race particulars, she nails the essence of these small, but well organised, ultras.

I finished the 32 miles feeling good and like I'd had an enjoyable day out. I like the personal feel of finishing a small race where you cross the line alone and get a medal and a hug from the race director and lots of support from those waiting at the finish.’

Vibram Hong Kong 100 Ultra Trail - Hong Kong

We’ve been hearing good things about the Vibram Hong Kong 100 Ultra Trail and William Russel’s review makes us all the more intrigued.

It's not every day you’re running through the trails one minute and the next minute running along the beach before passing through the dam!

Lavaredo Ultra Trail - Italy

Arguably one of the most beautiful places on Earth, the Dolomites could be the perfect places for a mountain ultra. Rachel Gorajala potentially agrees with this sentiment in her review of the Lavaredo Ultra Trail.

I loved the nighttime start, I loved the whole thing. It felt less like racing, more an observation of nature at its most supreme. Beautiful

Krakonosova Stovka - Czech Republic

Starting his review of the Krakonosova Stovka with, ‘Very popular and well known event in CR but not many foreigners signing up yet,’ Chris Panton paints quite an attractive picture of a race that sounds like it should certainly be on the radar of more runners outside of the Czech Republic.

Very enjoyable route though with a rollercoaster of hills right to the end.

Race To The King - England, UK

Ian Rowe pens a fair-sounding appraisal of the Race To The King. Outlining the pros and cons of the race, this is definitely a review to read if you’re considering it.

The finish is also a grand setting, with the walls of Winchester cathedral letting you know when to commence your sprint finish.’

What wasn't so good was the start strategy. We were allocated wave times with staggered starts but the event is open to walkers and these were allowed to go in the earlier waves.’

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