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Photo credit: London 2 Brighton Challenge.

Top Reviews July 2018


Last updated: 24-Aug-18

By Luke Jarmey

We’re pleased to announce our top reviews for July. So, congratulations to Stephen Bromley
who will receive a pack of 33Shake Chia Energy Gels.

Lavaredo Ultra Trail - Italy

Wot I did on my olidays, SB, aged 46 ½

Starting off with a subtitle like that, we knew we were in for a treat. A dangerously delicious mix of sarcastic humour and ridiculously detailed reporting, Stephen’s review of the Lavaredo Ultra Trail takes a well-deserved top spot for July.

It hurts the moment you leave the comforts of civilisation, as part of 1500 hopeful, nervous, runners, some wielding sticks with degrees from fencing academies…’

‘So, with the lamps off and dawn breaking, winding forest trail leads onto to Lake Misurina, which, like the Godfather, I really didn’t care much for. Controversial, I know. Would’ve been more impressive if they hadn’t built a load of hotels around it…’

‘Blimey, was a bit parky up there. And for a bottom dweller like me, a bit thin on the old air front.

‘For some, it’s a race, but for me, it’s an event in my life, never to be forgotten.

In no particular order, here’s our remaining top reviews for July:

London 2 Brighton Challenge - UK

John Ryan knows a thing or two about penning a cracking review and his report on the London 2 Brighton challenge doesn’t disappoint. Set out in an easy to read format with titled sub sections, this is essential reading for prospective race entrants.

This is now my third time running this race and one I keep returning to due to the fact it is easy to get to for me and more importantly the professionalism of the Action Challenge team putting on this event.’

‘Checkpoints: Excellent as previous races, but now even better! At the first stop they had breakfast including croissants and other pastries, a pick n’mix stand at most stops and this year catered for vegan runners’

Cortina Trail - Italy

It’s always a treat to read a review from Simon Bourke (@Simon_Bourke) and he hits the mark again with an extensive and honest account of the Cortina Trail.

‘This was my 11th ultra trail and was the best of the lot in terms of scenery and all around atmosphere.’

‘Cups are not provided at nearly all the checkpoints, and the first check point it was a bit of a scramble to get water.’

‘The views were like a continuous stream of mountain scenery greatest hits, which helped to mask the pain of ascending.’

SCOTT Snowdonia Trail Marathon - UK

I love this race, it's beautiful but brutal. In my opinion the marathon is worthy of an "ultra" badge and this year (2018) the addition of a full ultra made it a complete event.’

Short and punchy, we really enjoyed this review of the SCOTT Snowdonia Trail Marathon from Rick Taylor.

The aid stations are well organised and there are plenty en route. I have seen this race go from strength to strength over the past few years and can highly recommend it. The scenery is amongst the best that the UK has to offer.

Maverick X Series - UK

An absolutely fantastic review of the Maverick X Series from Matt Blick. I don’t know about you, but we’re complete suckers for a tasty pros and cons list. Giving a balanced view, this account contains all the info you’ll need when prospecting the race.

‘I chose the race for its location, lack of navigation requirements and generous cut off (10 hours)…’

‘The whole course is brilliantly marked with blue signs or blue tape every 0.5m. It's basically impossible to get lost.’

‘Stated distances seemed a little vague. I hate 'my Garmin says...” pedantry as much as the next man, but I was running the 26k with an aid station at 11k.’

‘This is a great first race and I'd love to come back next year and try the longer distance.’

SW100 - UK

A concise review from Peter Telford, that gives an insight into how hard the SW100 is.

I trained really hard and could make all sorts of excuses - the weather was very hot, I got lost etc but when you boil it down for the 'plodders' there is little margin for error and I made too many silly mistakes.’

Round Pen Llyn Ultra Marathon - UK

We’ve heard that Round Pen Llyn Ultra Marathon is a stunner on the visual front and David Mather confirms this in his excellent review of the event.

What a fantastic vibe there is to this race. The people are spectacular - equalled by the most wonderful scenery. The first 60ish miles follow the Wales Coast Path as it undulates its way around the peninsular. It's tough in places but also you get periods where you get some flatter sections for respite.’

Marathon des Cote - UK

When a truly difficult race comes together with excellent organisation, you’re almost guaranteed the finest memories. Rich Simpson paints a picture of foot pummelling stony paths offset with seal and dolphin-filled vistas in the Marathon des Cote. Lovely.

The terrain is brutal, most times the angle is too steep to run up and too steep to run down.’

‘Man-Up UK who organised it really went out of their way to make this work. Relaxed but efficient organisation meant that my kit and supplies were where they were supposed to be.’

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