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Top 10 Runners' Xmas gifts: for Her

Top 10 Runners' Xmas gifts: for Her


Last updated: 15-Nov-18

By Alice Morrison

Christmas is sprinting to us faster than Elisabet Barnes on the final leg of the Marathon Des Sables.  But what should you buy for the running woman? Here are our top ten tips for you.  Put together by Alice Morrison. She is hoping that Santa will be kind to her....

10. Run or Die


Run or Die, a memoir by Kilian Jornet. There is nothing embarrassing to admitting to a crush on the world’s greatest ultra runner. He’s fast, he’s lean, he’s a legend and he has soulful eyes. Brilliant book about a brilliant man.

9. Underwear


Forget lacy lingerie, what I want is a nice big pair of runners’ pants.  Comfortable, supportive and goodbye to chafing. A good fit and sizing too.

8. Arm warmers

Running on the Wall

They are absolutely brilliant in winter for that extra layer that you can peel off when you are into your run and warm. These ones are super-cute.

7. Runner’s bracelets

Running on the Wall

As I was looking at the sleeves I spotted this bling, a great stocking filler.

6. Icebreaker mid-layer


 For misty, cold mornings on the trails, you can not beat merino. Great brand and worth every penny. The quality means this top will last a long, long time.

5. Leggings


 These are funky and generally fabulous. Anything from Sweaty Betty will be warmly welcomed and if you want to splurge, there is a headband to match.  

4. Woolly running hat

 This one is white and fluffy and has a pompom. It is not the most practical but definitely fabulous.

3.  Lightweight hooded jacket

Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer

Time to splash some cash.
This jacket does everything you want it to and looks great too. It is a biggish item but the fit and features make it worth it.

2.  Personalised running necklaces

Minetta Jewellery

 You can write your own messages on them. Immortalise that ultra win. Or this simple and stylish running fox.

1. Running watch


What do I really want to see waiting for me on Christmas day? This has to be it! The Suunto Ambit Peak 3.

If you love me............

Happy Christmas everyone!

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