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Top 7 ultra running articles about training, injuries and crazy aspirations

Photo credit: RunUltra.

Top 7 ultra running articles about training, injuries and crazy aspirations


Last updated: 02-Mar-16

By Elsa Trujillo

If you’re celebrating anything this month of December that involves masses of food and drink and endless hours of TV with beloved but annoying relatives, you’ll appreciate an excuse to wander off to a quiet corner for a read. Here’s our selection of articles on trail and ultra running from across the web to help give purpose and meaning to your sedentary, albeit temporarily, holiday life …

A runner’s story: Liz Tunna
Meet Liz, a primary school trainee teacher and a Guinness World Record holder from the UK. In this article she explains how it took a while and a series of important decisions before she went on the run.

The strangest adventure records ever set
Your family secretly thinks ultra running is mad and so do most of your friends. But you’re not alone in the pursuit of madness. If you’re taking time off from running but still want to achieve records and goals, take inspiration from these keen individuals. Read the full story.

The Barkley Marathons: the race that eats its young
If you’ve never heard of this race, it’s one you’ll probably never sign up for. And we don’t just mean because it’s a long (160km), hard race in the middle of nowhere in Tennessee...Only 15 people have finished in almost 30 years. Thirty years. Even signing up is crazy impossible. Find out how by reading Scott Dunlap's review of the new film.

Ultrarunning at a crossroads, is there a growing doping problem on the trails?
What do you think? Are dopers free to continue their running careers once they “do their time”? Have endurance-enhancing drugs infected the ultra and trail running scenes? Read the full article.

The force is strong in this one
An injury that won’t go away or for which there is no cure or long-term solution for when your life is, literally, all about running is not easy to live with. Follow Andy Mouncey’s struggles in this article.

Training to walk for ultra trail and mountain running
For most mere mortals, any ultra or mountain event will involve some walking. Accept it, take it in your stride (?!) and learn how to do it properly. Ian Corless shares some advice.

The year ahead
Plan, plan and then plan. 2015 is almost over and 2016 brings what seems like an infinity of new races. Choose wisely, make a schedule, train accordingly. Keep your eyes on the target but make sure you don’t lose perspective. Here are Amy Clark’s suggestions.

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