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Top 7 ultra running articles to help mojo, body and mind

Top 7 ultra running articles to help mojo, body and mind


Last updated: 19-Oct-18

By Elsa Trujillo

If you’re celebrating anything this month of December that involves a lot of food and drink and sitting comfortably on a sofa you’ll definitely have plenty of time to catch up with your reading. Here’s our selection of articles on trail and ultra running from across the web to help you pass those heavy digestion hours…


Organ systems change and adapt in ultra distance runners
So you know how your body looks on the outside after a race: sweat, mud and blisters. Ever wonder what goes on inside of you? The Radiological Society of North America went to Europe to find out what degenerates, what regenerates, what grows and what does not. Read the full article.

Can normal people run ultramarathons?
Are you a newbie runner? Are you curious about going beyond the 42.6km distance? What is normal anyway? Here are five tips on how to tackle the impossible. This article is no longer available.

The overtraining syndrome
Is your training not giving you the results you expect? Do you feel like you’ve regressed in time? Maybe it’s not just fatigue, maybe you’re overtraining. Watch this video with Travis Macy to learn more and spot the signs.


Oh, the things I know now
If you’re just starting in ultra running or you’ve never sat down to reflect on the evolution of your running and what you have learnt and how you have changed, runner Joe Uhan has put it together for you. Here’s how he sees his own evolution after half a decade.

Find your mojo
No, we don’t mean the spicy sauce from the Canary Islands that goes like a dream with small roasted potatoes, your running mojo is your spell, your charm, your reason for tying up your laces and heading out the door. Ian Corless has some tips to help you get it back. Read the full article.

Finding inner peace through running
Running is not always about fitness or competition. Sometimes runners just need to get away from it all, find a time of peace and tranquillity in which daily stress and troubles don’t intrude. Too many loud and busy family gatherings this month, too much stressful shopping? Read the full article.

How to quickly make more running friends
Found your mojo and your inner peace? Happy with your level of training and the amount of cartilage that is degenerating inside you? All you need now are some ultra running friends to share it all with. This article is no longer available.

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