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7 articles on planning ahead, winter, snow, cold and mountain running

Photo credit: RunUltra.

7 articles on planning ahead, winter, snow, cold and mountain running


Last updated: 14-Mar-19

By Elsa Trujillo

You might want to grab a hot drink while you read this last chilly roundup of articles for 2016. It’s all about running in the cold, trail running in snow and running up and down icy mountains with Kilian Jornet. Also, some recommendations on planning your next year ultra running calendar and a runner’s reflection on engaging the services of a running coach. To top it all, we’re including RunUltra’s very own article on mountain running nutrition to make sure you are fully charged this winter.

Kilian (in Norway) on suffering and persistence
77km and 7 summits in one day. The stunning valley of Romsdalen. Watch one of the best ultra runners of all time, and who does not even think of himself as a runner, attempt to climb and ski (and run) 7 Norwegian summits in one day.

Winter running
You might not feel very much like Kilian when you do your own running in the snow but take note of these 10 commandments if you’re heading out to the white hills for a December run. This article is no longer available.

And here are another six recommendations.

Tips for running in the cold
The right shoes, the right amount of layers and a keen eye for ice. Read all the recommendations here.

Do you need a coach?
Not everybody does need a coach, but if you are wondering that you might, read these reflections on why it could be your best bet for 2017. Read the article.

Planning ahead
We love it that our members use our global calendar to plan their main ultra races for the upcoming season so we thought that you’d like to read an article about how one ultra runner approaches her planning stage. Read it here.

Mountain food
Rin Cobb runs through all the fuelling and fluid intake needs for trail running in the mountains both before and during the run, and explains how planning for sustenance is as essential as kit planning. Read it here.

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