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7 top tips on running faster,  race fuelling,  uphill trails and ketosis

Photo credit: RunUltra.

7 top tips on running faster, race fuelling, uphill trails and ketosis


Last updated: 14-Mar-19

By Elsa Trujillo

Last week we brought you a video bonanza of amazing running locations to inspire you to run further. This week it’s all about tips. Tips for your first ultra, tips to run faster, to push through walls, to improve uphill, improve overall and how to run on snow. Last but not least, read our latest RunUltra article on nutrition which explains ketosis and how it can help your running.

1.Thinking about your first ultra?
Max King has some insights into which are the areas you need to focus on to get your first ultra running experience right. It’s all about nutrition, gear, research and, of course the right type of training. Read it here.

2. To be coached or not to be coached?
Running coaches help you carry out the right type of training for each specific running event you set your heart to. Kirsty Reade runs through some of the key aspects in which a coach can improve your running. Read the full article.

3. What and how to eat and drink during a race? Top fuel tips for races
Avoid hitting the wall by fuelling properly before and during a race. Adrenaline will not get you across the line alone.  You need to plan, research and text your fuel plan before the great day. Read more.

4. How to survive running uphill
If you a trail runner this would seem obvious but it not always clear or well understood. David Roche expands on four areas you need to improve to survive the hills. Read them here.

5. Running techniques for running success from a pro
Elisabet Barnes explains how you can increase your chances of running success by figuring out your running technique. Read her article.

6. Tips for snow running
If trail running in winter for you means snow and ice, read this article for tips and ideas on how to make sure you run successfully, warm and safe. Read the article.

7. What is ketosis?
Amy Tribolini explains to all RunUltra readers what ketosis actually is and how you can use a diet high in fat to fuel your run. Read the article here.

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