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Ready for a life changing, quadrathlon adventure

Photo credit: IGO Adventures.

Ready for a life changing, quadrathlon adventure


Last updated: 15-Nov-18

It's minus four, snow blankets the wilderness around you, the smell of burning pine drifts through the air and a light cloud covering caps the endless sea of peaks...

'N60°- The Norwegian Challenge' is embedded in the heart of central Norway, a land synonymous with adventure and home to the Heroes of Telemark raid. It is the location for British Special Forces training and where Scott trained for his final expedition. The route, designed by IGO Adventures' head guide Rune Abrahamsen, allows the competitors to explore the best of the immensely beautiful, untamed wilderness between the towns of Hemsedal and Geilo. 

IGO Adventures organises multiple expedition Quadrathlons across the globe making adventure accessible to those who only have a week to spare.


The Quadrathlons are cross-country races between two locations that push its participants to compete across four disciplines in four days, while encompassing the spirit of group achievement. These 'Quads' are capped at 40 competitors who can enter as a solo or in teams of two, three and four.

The challenge is tough but each competitor is supported by experts from the moment they sign up through to the end of the event. The events are both race and expedition - competitors can either compete for the trophy or simply prove to themselves that they have what it takes to complete the course.


Here’s what one competitor said:

'N60°- The Norwegian Challenge' was an expedition of unparalleled adventure. The thought of traversing over 100 miles through the tumultuous Norwegian wilderness was something I had expected to be near impossible. Many people and organisations use the term 'life-changing', and I'm always rather sceptical about the truth in this statement, but I can wholeheartedly say that the IGO N60 was a life-changing event.' Hugh Anderson, N60 2016   Read more about Hugh’s experience.

Watch the short N60 2016 film.

N60 - The Norwegian Challenge 2018 will run from 10-18 March 2018. Entries start from £4,750. 

All images IGO Adventures.


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