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Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Him

Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Him


By James Eacott

It’s that time of year again. #BlackFriday, #CyberMonday and #GoNutsWednesday are all behind us. But you still don’t have a present for your trail running significant other.

Queue panic-stations as we trawl Amazon and Ebay for last minute gifts.

But hold-fire.

We’ve got you covered. These 10 gifts are all you need to make your man happy:


Photo credit: Rab.

1. Jacket

Make sure he keeps warm as he bravely tackles the elements with a quality jacket, such as the Rab Microlight Summit or this one from Inov-8.


Photo credit: Craftsportswear.co.uk and Rohan.co.uk.

2. Base layers

But a jacket is quite an investment. Maybe you’re in a new relationship and don’t want to appear too eager. If that’s the case, a base layer from Craft or Rohan might be better.

RUNULTRA_Battle of the packs review

3. Hydration pack

Has that ripped, manky pack he insists on wearing to carry his bottles and food had its day? Could be time for a new one. We tested 8 of the best for those in the market.


Photo credit: Runderwear.co.uk.

4. Underwear

What do they say about sexy underwear? It’s a present for you more than him?! Send his pulse racing and mind crazy with these lovely garments.


Photo credit: Purition.

5. Bites and nibbles

Bars, gels and recovery shakes always go down well. Literally. We tested a batch of Purition shakes earlier this year which we awarded a ‘Best Buy’.


Photo credit: Garmin.com.

6. Watch

For the guy who has it all, and if you’re really ready to say a big “I love you” to your trail running man, how about a Garmin Fenix 5S? Can’t get much better than that.


7. Coach services

Invest in a run coach. Granted, this is not your typical gift, but a good one if you’re hoping to keep him out the house for longer. A run coach will give him motivation, accountability and take him on a step towards his 2019 goals. Get in touch for coach contact details.

RUNULTRA_Marathon des Sables_Morocco

Photo credit: RunUltra.

8. Race entry

If you’re really sick of him, then why not buy him a race entry? And we’re not talking about a local 50k. Give yourself a proper break and send him to Nepal, Costa Rica or Morocco.


Photo credit: Compressport.

9. Socks

Alternatively, if you’re only ‘mildly fond’ of the chap and might prefer to save your pennies for your own adventure, a pair of socks still says, “I like you”. Sometimes, that’s enough. Want to a notch higher? How about some socks infused with copper. Steady now.


Photo credit: Amazon.com.

10. Books

Inspire him with stories from a good book, like this one The Mountains Are Calling, by Jonny Muir.

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