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Top 10 Xmas gifts for Her

Top 10 Xmas gifts for Her


Last updated: 28-Feb-19

By Alice Morrison

I love men with all their strange ways and dangly bits but I have to say that – and I am truly sorry to be so stereotypically sexist in these gender fluid days – man’s ability to buy gifts for woman is often ….. variable.

I’m talking asparagus steamer for a birthday (seriously?) or at the other end of the scale, a dress that Debbie Does Dallas would consider risqué accompanied by a request to wear it to Christmas lunch to his parents (refused!).

So, for anyone or their significant other that is casting around for ideas, here are ten great ones.


Photo credit: PHD.

1. Trousers

Nothing says I love you like a pair of Down Trousers from PH Designs. A warm woman is a happy woman and there is something very appealing about a toasty bottom. 


Photo credit: OMM.

2. Jacket

A running jacket that is actually flattering rather than making you look like a bright lycra sausage? Yes, please! The OMM Kaleika also comes in great colours. 



Photo credit: Spot Tracker.

3. Tracker

This may not be an obvious one but if the woman in your life likes to take to the hills alone, showing your concern for her safety with a Spot 3 Tracker could be a winner but don’t buy this if you have stalking tendencies.. it’ll only feed them. 



Photo credit: Ultimate Direction.

4. Hydration pack

One of my most-used and abused pieces of kit of the year. A workhorse item but absolutely brilliant. 



Photo credit: Rohan.

5. Cap

Christmas hats with fluffy bobbles ripped from the rear ends of rabbits are all very well but what I really want is something that keeps me warm and dry and stops the driving rain from getting in my eyes.

I got this last week and it hasn’t been off my head – yes it says men’s but I think heads are quite unisex. I got m/l because I have a lot of hair (and brains… a lot of brains too).



Photo credit: Rockay.

6. Socks 

Socks = sex. Guaranteed. 


Photo credit: Amazon.

7. Body creme

She already looks like a Goddess, this will make her smell like one too. Post trail therapy from Jo Malone, combine it with the socks above and…. 



Photo credit: Skinfit.eu.

8. Skort

Just because she can leave most men for dust on the trail, doesn’t mean she necessarily wants to look like one. Skorts are pretty and practical.


9. Holiday

A romantic holiday break: plenty of sun, sea and sand and perhaps some blood sucking leeches. What doesn’t break you makes you stronger!  



10. Words

And finally, the gift that costs nothing at all and means the most. Tell the women in your life why you love them this Christmas. Words matter.

Happy Christmas!

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