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7 articles to read before the end of February

The Coastal Challenge. Photo credit: RunUltra.

7 articles to read before the end of February


Last updated: 15-Nov-18

By Elsa Trujillo

With January long gone and spring getting closer, we’re all now struggling with commitment to those 2016 resolutions so easily set in the early hours of the New Year. For many of us it’s still dark, cold or threatening rain but we still have to get out there and run. Here’s our latest selection from the web for you to breeze through.

The women running (and winning) ultramarathons
Read about how the ultra marathon scene is more gender diverse than other extreme sports and the surprising facts about the differences between men and women in endurance running. Here is the article.

The Western States ultra marathon adopts a doping policy to keep Lance Armstrong out
We’ve posted about this in the past. Disgraced cyclist, Lance Armstrong, has picked up running and now some races are quickly modifying their legal requirements and introducing zero tolerance policies to prevent him and other banned athletes from competing in their events. One such event is the iconic Western States 100, read about the decision by their board of trustees here.

Seven signs you live in a running household
Hands up any of you who’ve never wished they could have a separate wardrobe just to bring together all the running shoes, kit and gadgets our favourite activity requires. Here’s a fun piece about running households.

9 ways to fight off despair on the treadmill
We brought you this news at the beginning of the month, Susie Chan ran 12 hours non-stop on a treadmill and broke a World Record. For all of you who have to use the treadmill for training, if not for pleasure, here are some ideas to help you through the task.

Scott Jurek on veganism
What sort of fuel do you run on? Acclaimed USA runner, Scott Jurek is a vegan and the author of the 2012 Eat and Run book. In this article he gives a few insights into how easily his vegan diet adapts to his running schedule. This article is no longer available.

A bit of a wonky donkey
None of us are born perfect and then we add further imperfections along the way. Here, British runner Audrey McIntosh shares her thoughts on the imperfections, bio-mechanics, orthotics and injury frustrations of a serious ultra runner.

Top tips for eating right and training right
Eating well is a mantra that follows us from the day we’re born. You must eat well when you’re young because you’re growing, you must eat well when you’re an adult because you’re not growing anymore and you must eat well in your golden years to stall what is coming. When you are a runner, it is all about fuelling your training. So here’s our favourite nutritionist Rin Cobb with some basic tips about how to adapt your food intake to your running.

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