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Photo Credit: Endurance Life – Dorset Costal Trail Series

Congratulations - our top 10 race reviews for January


Last updated: 25-Oct-18

By Luke Jarmey

We’re pleased to announce our top race review for December, so congratulations to Alistair Flowers (@alistairflowers) who will receive a box of Clif Bars.

Costal Trail Series - Dorset

In his Dorset Coastal Trail Series review, Alistair Flowers describes how the strong wind and sustained uphills, made for a real test of mind and body (but also clearly great for the soul). He made a list of seven useful observations, which included praise of the provided elevation profiles and GPX and some of the friendliest race marshals and staff that he’d come across.

In no particular order, here are the remaining nine top reviews for January.

Marathon des Sables

Rachel Corker wrote a great review on the Marathon des Sables, where she describes the emotional highs and lows of training for the event and actually running it. You can really feel the grit and determination it takes to run the MdS and we expect the description of pain and suffering will only get you more excited to take on the challenge.

The Everest Trail Race

Rachel also penned a delicious account of The Everest Trail Race. In her review she paints a picture of gorgeous landscape and fantastic organisation. Two vital ingredients for a first class race in our books.

High Peak 40 Mile Challenge

We particularly liked 3 reviews of the High Peak 40 Mile Challenge this month. In Geoff Pettengell’s  (@geofpet) review, he describes it as a ‘very underrated’ trail run. Furthermore, the great trail marking made it a top choice for novices.

Trevor Watson (@houndkirk) praised the slick organisation in his account. He comments on the amount of road on the course, but found that he didn’t really mind as the scenery of the Peak District was just spectacular.

Sarah Crunning (@SarahCrunning) entered this race last minute, but absolutely loved it. In her review she describes short sections of the very technical terrain, but a large proportion of easier trail. This coupled with the generous cut off times makes it suitable to those new to ultra running.

London 2 Brighton

Sarah also wrote an honest account of the London 2 Brighton. She enjoyed the ‘big race’ atmosphere, well marked course and great checkpoint support. But was disappointed by the course itself, which she felt had too much road, when it was advertised as a trail race.

Hardmoors 30

The Hardmoors 30 delivered two top reviews for us this month. Jeff Mitchell (@UKRunCat), loved the mix of easy and more technical muddy cliff terrain in his experience. He felt that the course was well marked and that it was the perfect way to start the New Year.

In Chris Musther’s  (@chrismusther) write up he also praised the course and its marking. Furthermore, he describes the fantastic organisation, with encouraging and well stocked checkpoints. We think the soup/quiche/cake laid out at the end sounds like the perfect way to finish a winter ultra!

Kepler Challenge

Finally, we really liked Amanda Broughton’s (@yeahnahyeahnah) review of the Kepler Challenge. She describes the route going through one of the most scenic alpine regions in New Zealand and praises the top organisation and well maintained tracks. We particularly liked the mention of themed aid stations, which sounds like the icing on the cake for anyone looking for an ultra marathon in New Zealand. 


What's your experience? Have you run any of these races or others on our site? Do share your stories.

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