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Eat lean, eat clean: 5 nutrition pieces to help your running

Eat lean, eat clean: 5 nutrition pieces to help your running


Last updated: 01-Mar-16

By Elsa Trujillo

We bring you five articles from RunUltra’s favourite nutritionist about carbohydrates, iron, beetroot, superfoods and runner beans. Read Rin Cobb's tips and advice to help you improve your health and your running through a complete and balanced nutrition plan.


Are you one of the countless runners who have a love hate relationship with carbs? It certainly seems to be the ‘hot potato’ of discussions amongst runners and can even be quite controversial at times. Read Don’t mention the C Word.


Have you ever struggled to muster up the motivation to pound out your usual miles? Or felt un-naturally tired after a routine race? It could be your iron stores are low and as endurance runners it’s vital you remedy this sooner rather than later. Read Tired of training.


Unlike the usual beats you may be used to running to, many are turning to the purple delights of beetroot juice to help spur them on their way. This may seem quite an obscure dietary practice but it’s the nitrates, which beetroots have an abundance of, that seem to help you run harder for longer. Read Run to the beet.


What do you think about kale smoothies, should I use cacao over cocoa and what exactly is maca powder? Answering nutrition queries is part and parcel of my daily dietician duties but increasingly these foodie requests are about specific self proclaimed “superfoods”. Read What is so super about superfoods?

Runner Beans

Do you eat meat? Does the thought of going meat free bring you out in the proverbial ‘meat’ sweats?  Contrary to what you may be thinking, you don’t need to be vegetarian to choose meat free options so this week’s food for thought is how opting for the occasional meat free meal can not only be delicious and nutritious but benefit your health, bank balance and even the planet too. Read Runner Beans.

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