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Mud, snow, cold and runny noses - What’s not to love about trail running in winter?

Mud, snow, cold and runny noses - What’s not to love about trail running in winter?


Last updated: 01-Mar-16

By Elsa Trujillo

If you're in winter right now and it's chilly, you've probably already had your choice of seasonal flues and colds. Here's our latest compilation of running-related articles found on the web in case you've taken the month off in your training or you have time to read while you commute.

Ultra running advice from some of the best UK runners
Lizzie Hawker is an ultra distance runner who favours mountain trail events. She’s won the UTMB five times out of six and has recently run down from Everest Base camp to Kathmandu. Tobias Mews is an adventure athlete who has run the MdS twice. They reflect on the growing number of ultra runners and races in the last few years. Read the article from The Independent.

Inspiration and mud
Benjamin Freeman Prichard, a trail runner, reflects on the reasons for running in beautiful places like Hawaii and why there’s always mud mud mud everywhere. Read his post.

Pushing the limits: lessons in ultra endurance athletes
Eating and suffering, running and walking are the four main things you do when running an ultra trail marathon. Read this article by Julie Barzilay for ABC News.

Running in the snow
For most runners in the Northern Hemisphere, winter means cold and dark training runs. This article has great advice on how to keep safe and warm when the cold and the snow won’t stop you from running. Read Alyssa Clough’s article for Shape.

It’s never too late to start trail running
Leslie Tralli for Women’s Running, writes about turning 50 and turning off asphalt to discover the wonders and health benefits of trail running in Canada. Read her post here.

Genghis Khan Ice Marathon in Mongolia
The starting line was -34C. Andy Murray, doctor and endurance runner has completed this gruelling race in the cold steppes of Mongolia, where wolves are more abundant than people. In his post he explains why this new Sandbaggers event is a must for any serious ultra runner’s bucket list.

Is your immunity larder well stocked?
And last but not least, our favourite nutritionist, Rin Cobb, writes about how to beat the season’s low temperatures and make sure colds and flu don’t keep you from running the trails this winter by having a balanced diet.

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