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Running in winter doesn't mean running in the cold: The Coastal Challenge in Costa Rica. Photo credit: RunUltra.

7 articles on Kilian Jornet, plogga, must-know facts, stretching and winter ultra running


Last updated: 29-Aug-18

By Elsa Trujillo

As I write this, Western Europe is in the grip of one of its coldest winters in many decades, so what could be more fun than getting cosy and comfortable at home and reading some of these winter-themed articles? We have Kilian Jornet’s film trailer detailing his Everest adventure and tips for training for the mountains both on your way up and down.

We also have an incredible list of facts about running – yes, 86- and the 5 reasons why you should always stretch. Have you heard about plogga? Read on to find out. Finally, our very own James Eacott has the best plan to complete your winter long run training before it starts getting warmer.

Kilian Jornet movie
Everest Path, the movie that chronicles Kilian Jornet’s ascent to Everest in May 2017, is out and you can watch the trailer here. This film concludes the Summits of my Life project and features Reinhold Messner, Emelie Forsberg and Sébastien Montaz-Rosset, among others.

Living low, training high
If you, like Jornet, have also caught the mountain bug but you live in the many lowlands of this planet, here are some tips for training.

Going up means coming down
And if you go up, you need to go down, so here are some tips for running downhill by ultra runner Scott Dunlap.

86 facts about running
Did you know you need to run 2.5 hours to completely burn out a Big Mac Menu? Find out a “few” more facts about running in this great infographic.

First there was higge, then there was lagom and now Sweden brings us plogga, a great way for runners to contribute to a cleaner and prettier environment: collect rubbish as you run. We think it’s a great idea.

The need to stretch
Stretching calf muscles before or after (or both) a race is a must for runners. Here are five reasons why this stretching can also help to prevent injuries and improve form. Read them here.

Hating the long run?
James Eacott has some great wisdom to share (includes donkeys) on how to hack the long run on these bitterly cold end-of-winter days. Read it here.

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