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10 New Year’s Running Resolutions

Photo credit: RunUltra.

10 New Year’s Running Resolutions


Last updated: 01-Sep-16

By Alice Morrison

If you ask an ultra runner what their New Year’s resolutions are, you usually get a LONG list of races followed by some thoughts on food and training. Alice Morrison put the question out to the community. Here is what you had to say...

1 Cut out sugar/processed foods

Diet is obviously crucial for runners and there seems to be a growing anti-sugar movement. However, that is balanced by the we-deserve-a-cake brigade. If you want some really in-depth dietary advice for training and racing, check out our Diet for the Ultra Runner piece.

2 Be more disciplined about training

Lots of us find it very difficult to maintain strong discipline while training for an event or even just to improve general fitness. Finding the time and the space to do long runs can really be a challenge. Justin Bateman put together the ultimate training plan for us for all abilities aiming for a 50km race.

3 2016 miles for 2016

Several people mentioned this or similar goals. There is no doubt, that ultra runners are goal driven and like something to aim for. How about the top ten ultras?

4 Build up core strength by targeted training

This is one we can help you with. We’ve put together a series for Abs and also legs.

5 Tape up feet for any race longer than 50 miles

Great suggestion there and an easy one to keep.

6 Do more races so I have more excuses to get out of visiting the mother-in-law

We say that whatever motivates you to run...

7 Help out on local races

Local races almost always need volunteers and it can be a great way to meet new training partners and make new contacts. Also, it wins you karma points.

8 Get Faster

This is the Holy Grail and there are many, many different ways to approach it but consistent training has to be the key.

9 Get mentally strong

Of course ultra running is a mind game as much as it is a physical feat. Maintaining a good attitude when everything hurts can be a real challenge.

10 And the final word goes to...

Edward Broadnax who when asked if he had any New Year’s running resolutions said, “Naw. Just to run more ”

Happy Running in 2016!

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