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7 great trail and ultra running ideas for January

Photo credit: RunUltra.

7 great trail and ultra running ideas for January


Last updated: 19-Oct-18

By Elsa Trujillo and Alice Morrison

We are already half way through January and if you're a normal human being you will have broken most of your resolutions already. It's winter for most of us and the cold months stretch ahead. What will 2016 bring: more running and training, less chocolate and beer? Or the other way round? Elsa Trujillo has scoured the net to bring you what is floating ultra and trail runners’ boats this January.

1 Avoid hypothermia

Being appropriately dressed for ultra running applies to all months of the year and all places on earth. Read Sarah Lavender Smith’s recommendations to prevent and identify hypothermia when out on a trail. This article is no longer available.

2 Improve your ultra marathon diet

What do you eat on the run? What’s your favourite checkpoint snack during an ultra marathon? Do androids dream of bizarre food? Check out this weird choice of seven.

3 Ditch the asphalt

Run off the road or jump off the bouncy treadmill and head out into the wild. Trail running boosts physical and mental health: read the article.

4 Change your life mantra

Matt Butler comments on a recent television show about the growth of ultra running in the UK: The Ultra Way.

5 Change your routine

Don’t get stuck on a regular training routine and don’t expect things to never change. Your ultra running training will change as your life does. Read Amy Clark’s reflections here.

6 See the world

If you can, of course. If not, just dream up your list of world-wide trail races and compare to others you see published. Here is a list of scenic American trail races of all shapes and sizes.

7 Read more RunUltra articles

You can’t blame us. We want to share with you our great ultra running content. Here’s a great RunUltra video on what is the best way to pack your multi-stage backpack but you could also apply Elisabet Barnes’ advice to improve your holiday packing.

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