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Congratulations – our top 10 race reviews for December

The Druids Challenge race. Photo credit: XNRG.

Congratulations – our top 10 race reviews for December


Last updated: 25-Oct-18

By Luke Jarmey

We’re pleased to announce our top race review for December, so congratulations to Luigi Fumero (@gigetto) who will receive a box of Clif Bars.

The Druids Challenge Ridgeway Multistage Ultra
Luigi provided a fantastically detailed description of the course and event. He praised the excellent organization of the Druids Challenge and noted the top notch social aspect to it all, you can never make too many ultra running friends. Furthermore, he commended the inclusion of talks in the evening, which would be very useful if preparing for the MdS.

Many thanks to everyone who posted some great race reviews on the site last month. Here are some of the best runner reviews but let us know which ones you think are the best of our highlights below:

JFK 50 Mile
Josh Estep (@jdespeed) produced a seriously in-depth review, which is a must read for anyone contemplating this race. He commented on the themed stations of the JFK 50 Mile event (Starwars etc.), which sound amazing to us.

Roni R. Belcheva (@RunRoniRun) found the start of the trail quite technical, but overall couldn’t have asked for a better experience and and loved the cheers from passing cars.

Lindsey Szakacs (@LindseySzakacs) hailed the diverse course, excellent support from competitors and crowd. But perhaps most of all the ‘bad ass medal’.

Frostbite 30
Alistair Nash (@AddinghamAli) lists a hilarious set of ’20 Frostbite Rules’. Essentially don’t be a wimp, as Ali described the Frostbite 30 as the toughest race he’d ran. But organized and marshalled to perfection.

Speyside Way Race
Steve Pascale-Jones (@stevecampag) picked this race due to the area being an old holiday location. He warns against treating the 36.5 miles as an ‘easy’ or ‘short ultra’. It is still a really long way and pace in the Speyside Way Race is fast as it attracts some amazing marathon runners. The conditions were also difficult, but felt that all in all it was a great race.

The North Face Cappadocia Ultra Trail
We loved this review from Lucja Leonard (@Runningdutchie), who describes the Cappadocia Ultra Trail as a fairy tale like landscape, filled with stunning geological formations and gorgeous colours. And the race is absolutely fantastic too.

Amalfi Crossing
Benjamin Port gives us a thoughtful and insightful account into the race and also why he loves partaking in these activities. We particularly like how he highlighted the great dynamic which blossomed between the competitors of the Amalfi Crossing. How fantastic is the Ultra Running community!?

Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset
Bob Worth unfortunately had to pull out of the 100km race due to injury, but participated in the Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset marathon instead. He describes it as a ‘MUST DO RACE’ with friendly locals and organizers and a well marked but remote mountain course.

River Ayr Way Challenge
Chris Sheridan (@fatshez) describes a flat and fast ultra with a running track finishing point, so you can enjoy a sprint finish moment of glory. He also helpfully includes a pro tip regarding how to shave a bit of time off the last 5 miles. Certainly worth a read if considering the River Ayr Way Challenge race.

What's your experience? Have you run any of these races or others on our site? Do share your stories.

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