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7 articles on food, alcohol, anxiety, emotional attachment and immune systems


Last updated: 19-Jul-18

By Elsa Trujillo

There was probably a lot of festive eating this past December and now it’s time to focus on food for running. This week we have selected four articles that are food related, two deal with multi-stage packing, and two with healthy eating habits. But we also bring you articles on pre race anxiety and obsession with goals. And finally, a piece on alcohol which we image there was probably a bit of during the holidays also.

Cheap multi stage food
Ian Corless hits his local supermarket to see how cheaply he can put together a food pack for a multistage that is light and covers the necessary calorie intake. Read his article here.

Food for multi stage events
MDS champion Elisabet Barnes goes into detail and explains how to pack your food for a multi-stage self-sufficient race. Read her advice here.

Improve your diet and eat cleaner
If you’ve already failed in your New Year’s resolutions, read this article about eating clean and improving your running performance.

Mental games
Are you emotionally attached to a specific goal you can’t reach? Read this article to find out if you are self-sabotaging.

Alcohol and running
Runner and blogger Scott Dunlap goes off the drink for 40 days to measure how this improves his performance. Read the post here.

Control your pre race anxiety
Pre race jitters can affect even the most seasoned runner. The reasons behind it are many. Read this article to find out how to best tackle them.

Keep your immune system in top shape
Your immune system is key to your running performance and overall health. Diana Green discusses essential vitamins and minerals and throws in a few recipes. Read her article here.

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