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7 articles on vitamin D, hallucinations, winter running, mental strength and MDS training

Photo credit: RunUltra.

7 articles on vitamin D, hallucinations, winter running, mental strength and MDS training


Last updated: 19-Oct-18

By Elsa Trujillo

2017 is finally here. And it comes full of training and healthy tips to add to all your NY resolutions. In our first article selection of the year we bring you information on vitamin D and the power of the mind, with an article on hallucinations and another on tips to run your first ultra. We’ve also found you an article with tips to stay warm and safe in winter and another that reflects on when it is a good time to take a break in running. And last but not least, with MDS 2017 looming on the horizon, we bring you a great training plan and a great food plan.

Vitamin D
A healthy intake of vitamin D can ensure that your bones are stronger and you perform better. You can ingest it in fatty fish and egg yolk or you can help your body produce it by getting some sun on you. This article is no longer available.

Very long ultras not only bring exhaustion, thirst and hunger, they also bring pink flying bunnies and rows of townhouses in the middle of the desert. Read this article to find out how you can minimize your ultra running hallucinations. This article is no longer available.

Mental strength
Mental strength is an essential aspect of running ultras, it keeps you going when your body wants to shut down and it gets you across the finish line when you thought you had no more energy left in you. Read this article on how to help you tackle your first ultra.

Winter running
You know it’s cold out on the trails or the track, so make sure you follow these recommendations to stay safe and warm during your winter runs. Take poles, gloves and extra socks and beware of cotton. This article is no longer available.

Need a break from running?
Injured, fatigued, trail bored or goal-less? Maybe you need a break from running to improve your performance and reboot your system. Read the article.

Multi-stage food
Elite ultra runner Elisabet Barnes details her food choice for multi-stage ultra running events such as the Marathon des Sables. Read her article here.

MDS 12-week plan
Andy Mouncey has a plan. A plan for one of the greatest races on earth which will take place in…. 12 weeks. We’re sure you’re ready but just in case, get the plan here.

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