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Top Reviews December 2017

Top Reviews December 2017


Last updated: 29-Aug-18

By Luke Jarmey

We’re pleased to announce our top reviews for December. Congratulations to Pano Kotter who will receive a pack of 33Shake Chia Energy Gels.

Fregona Trail Fest - Italy

A fantastically-detailed review of the Italian Fregona Trail Fest from Pano. We particularly liked the insight into his training and fellow team members. The scoring breakdown at the end was also a nice touch.

This was the beginning of an extraordinary experience comprised of running; mental and physical uplifting; friendship.’

Fregona Trail Fest was a remarkable journey for those who were there; an extremely strong experience. For me it was an unusual physical as well as a mental experience of elevation, of a wonderful group I had the honor to train and guide towards a very challenging target.’

Ultra Tour of Edinburgh - Scotland, UK

Starting with a mass Braveheart-style charge down the Royal Mile…’

Well this line certainly whetted our interest. A nice concise review from Robert Gale of the Ultra Tour of Edinburgh.

One big draw to the race was the prospect of finishing on the pitch at Murrayfield and it was such a memorable experience running towards the stadium and then entering the finish on the pitch.’

The Most Beautiful Thing TMBT - Malaysia

One of the more unusal race names out there. We were keen to find out from Chau Kit's detailed, checkpoint by checkpoint review, just how beautifully hard The Most Beautiful Thing really was.

I have been to TMBT (The Most Beautiful Trail) or also called the The Most Brutal Trail otherwise for 3 years now..

Overall this is the oldest ultra in malaysia, and one of the most technically challenging courses in malaysia (if not the hardest).’

La Sainte Lyon - France

Paul Kelly is one of the most prolific race reviewers on RunUltra, so we certainly take note when he says: ‘I've just returned from my second time at the SainteLyon and can confirm that this is my favourite ultra marathon.’

I mean what's not to like? A French classic, a midnight start in December and icy conditions?

Totally agree. Give the rest of his review a read to find out about … ‘what is a truly exceptional experience in a beautiful part of France

Lost Soul Ultra - Canada

A top review from Blair Noel of the Lost Soul Ultra. We liked how he highlights just how important volunteers are to a good race.

The aid stations were always a high point throughout the day and night with so many encouraging and eager-to-help volunteers. In my opinion this is one of the best race volunteer groups I have seen in action.

A very challenging, but well marked and entertaining race route!

White Rose Ultra - England, UK

Along with the volunteers, it’s your fellow racers which can really add to the race experience. Robert MacDonald notes this well in his review of the White Rose Ultra.

You get to meet a number of people attempting to achieve their personal goal of getting around this testing route.’

‘Some of the ups are gradual inclines that appear steeper each time you attempt them. Then there are the 'walkables'. These are the hills so steep that only the truly brave attempt to get to the top with any sort of lung bursting trot.’

6 Inch Trail Marathon - Australia

We always a love well considered reviews of races a long way from our base in the UK. Steve Atherton doesn’t disappoint, with an analysis of the Australian 6 Inch Trail Marathon.

The hill was so deep with ruts it was like walking/ running on a balance beam that was slippery with mud. It was also a very fun and social part of the course. To be tackling this beast with other fellow runners and talking about how crazy it was broke the mindset of just running.’

Brecon Beacons Ultra Marathon - Wales, UK

Tom Murrin praises the excellent marshalling in his review of the Brecon Beacons Ultra Marathon.

Secondly and for me the biggest factor was the marshals, I have great respect for anyone who gives up their Saturday to help other achieve their running goals or whatever.’

West Highland Way Challenge - Scotland, UK

A great sounding ultra on a classic Scottish route. We particularly like the sound of the race snacks in Aaron Montgomery review of the West Highland Way Challenge.

At mile 53 you are treated to hotdogs which are brilliant.’

‘The course has stunning views up along the edge of Loch Lomond and is really tough under foot.

Wooler Trail Marathon - England, UK

John Curran pens a concise account of a tough, but great sounding ultra in Northumberland, the Wooler Trail Marathon.

It was 46km and 1,841m elevation gain (and 5,500 calories) by my suunto, and I'd recommend it to anyone as a tough run (at least it was for me) but a very enjoyable one in great country...’

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