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7 Articles including the Spine Race Effort Perception and Eating to Win

Photo credit: Racing Snakes

7 Articles including the Spine Race Effort Perception and Eating to Win


Last updated: 07-Feb-19

By Kate Allen

In my first round up, The Spine dominated the ultra running community in the latter part of January and inspired much discussion so I include a couple of pieces here on that subject. There is lots of advice out there on how to get back out training after the excess of Christmas, so I thought it only helpful to include one I found amusing.

If you have no problem getting out there in the dark and cold, how about a piece about getting your head in the right place for racing? And if you're dreaming of warmer climates, how about running in Arizona or Hawaii?

Jasmin Paris wins The Spine Outright

First and foremost, of course, has to be Jasmin Paris’s spectacular Spine win, raising questions over the whole male/female equality in ultrarunning.  Not only did she win it overall, she smashed the course record doing it.  Dan Stinton’s article on her amazing run is here

Jen Scotney talks about her mental battle in the Spine

Keeping to this theme, Montane Athlete Jen Scotney gives a wonderful perspective on the Spine Challenger in her blog; she was third lady and her mental struggles and joys throughout the race have much to teach us during our own races.  Read it here.

Getting out of the holiday rut

This article really made me chuckle, particularly counting riding in the ski lift as “vert”.  But it also has some good advice about getting back to it after being off for a while.  Read it here.

The Conversation and the Perception of Effort

I always find Robbie Britton provides really good advice and his article on perception of effort makes you think about how much our racing depends on what is going on in our heads.  Read it here.

The Javelina Jundred

I think we all love flicking through a well thought out and good quality magazine like Ultra and recently I was at a raffle where an entry to the Javelina Jundred was a prize (I didn’t win it – phew!) which made me think of this review by Mark Thornberry about what a fantastic but tough race this is.  Read it here.

Lucja Leonard takes on the HURT 100

Another blog to make us feel a bit warmer while the snow falls is this one from Lucja Leonard about her recent attempt at the HURT 100.  I find it very reassuring to read about other people’s racing plans that don’t go to plan; in fact the first blog I ever read about a DNF actually emboldened me to give it a go without fear of “failure”.  Read it here.

Eat to Win

And finally, I tip my cap to those who call this month Veganuary.  Emelie Forsberg talks about her vegetarian approach to eating and how it aids her performance in this article.

Hope you enjoy!

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