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Congratulations, our top ten race reviews for June 2016

The SW50. Photo credit: Runwalkcrawl.co.uk

Congratulations, our top ten race reviews for June 2016


Last updated: 25-Oct-18

By Luke Jarmey

We’re pleased to announce our top 10 reviews for June. So congratulations to Neil May (@neilrmay) who will receive a pack of 33Shake Chia Energy Gels.

The Norfolk 100K - England, UK

We’ll have to agree with Neil that the usual connotation one associates with Norfolk is of the flattish flavour. However, this is all disputed in Neil’s fantastic review, where he describes the Norfolk 100K as, ‘one of the most varied and challenging 100k races’ he’s ever ran. Painting a picture of rolling terrain, morphing into the sandy beaches and at time, exposed and brutal flood banks, of the Norfolk Coast line. This really does sounds like a potential classic. But shhh, you’ll have to promise to keep quiet about this, as Neil would ‘rather the secret didn't get out quite yet.’

In no particular order, here’s our remaining top 9 reviews for June.

Further letting the cat out of the bag, we were compelled to include another review of the Norfolk 100k. This time by Nathan Taylor (@nnatt76). In his review, he states ‘(I) genuinely think it's the most beautiful part of the U.K. (quite a statement I know)’. He personally loved the last 10 miles along a cliff top path, which were a ‘little hilly’.

Endure 24 - England, UK

24 hour races can often be a little like Marmite, with opinions polarised. Well the Endure 24 certainly seems to fall on the ‘love’ side of that coin, with 5 reviews in our top 10 this month.

This was Kimbe32’s 3rd Endure 24 and by the sounds of his review, he’ll be back for a 4th! A good read if you want some information on the organization.

Stu Griff (@stuart73g) describes his first go at a 24 hour relay event and further praises the top notch organisation and mentions a rather intriguing sounding camper van music and marshal setup.

Jodie Reynolds (@averagejoruns) entered as a solo runner and describes a lovely ‘undulating’ 90 miles. Great effort Jodie and good luck for your 100-mile attempt for next year.

Due to illness, the Endure 24 hour was the first time Pete Papa-Oscar (@PeterAshley76) had ran since February. Personally running 56km as part of a relay team, that’s quite some recovery run in our books! We think his description of the fantastic support from marshals and fellow runners, may have had something to do with it.

Being primarily a road runner… who needs her sleep, this wasn’t the sort of the event that Ruth Webb (@Rula10) would usually enter. Though, by the sound of her review, she absolutely loved it. Describing a great route and top organization, it was however, the fellow runners that sealed the deal for Ruth. 

Weald Challenge - England, UK

Sheila Rose (@SheilaRosePT) describes the Weald Challenge as a tough race reflected by the 8 hour cut off times. This combined with the organization’s ‘really friendly fellow runners’ and a ‘hand crafted mug’ sounds like a recipe for success. Frankly, we’re not surprised she’ll be back for a repeat.

Skye Ultra Trail - Scotland, UK

Paul Kelly (@UltraBoyRuns) opens his review of the Skye Ultra Trail with ‘it’s only 74 miles…’, but then quickly goes on to describe the 5000m of elevation gain over difficult terrain coupled with dramatically changeable weather. His next paragraph starts with ‘It’s the hardest, most insane race I’ve had the pleasure of doing’. If this excites you as much as us, click on his review, give it a read and go test your body and mental edge next year.

SW50 - Wales, UK

Finally we have a ‘Pioneering Adventure!’ from Luís Teira (@luisteira). Who crafts a fantastic review where he goes into detail on what magnitude the words ‘self navigation’ can have on an Ultra in the Brecon Beacons: the SW50. Give it a read and you might seem him there in 2017.

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