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7 articles on trails, DNFs, the Appalachian Trail, Badwater 135 and mountain ultra runners

Photo credit: RunUltra.

7 articles on trails, DNFs, the Appalachian Trail, Badwater 135 and mountain ultra runners


Last updated: 19-Jul-18

By Elsa Trujillo

By now half of the planet is in the midst of summer and for many runners this means higher temperatures and more free time to run the trails. This week, in our selection of articles and videos, we have some tips if you’re new to running away from the roads, some kit suggestions on what to carry and some debate on trail running perceptions.

We’ve also got a reflection on the real victory behind a DNF, a great trailer to the Appalachian Trail 2016 record and a thorough report on this year’s Badwater 135 in the US. Last but not least, Ian Corless’ climbing tips for mountain runners to help you conquer the steep slopes.

New to trails?
If you’re still thinking about abandoning the road for the trails, here are seven great tips to help you on your way. Read them here.

Trail running kit
Read trail runner Andrea Löw’s kit recommendations for hydration (bottle or pouch) and backpacks to make the most of your equipment and get the best experience out of your run on the trails.

The trails are buzzing with runners
Are trail runners more complete and versatile? Is it the challenge or just the allure? Five influencers discuss why the trails are booming and why facing more challenges on the run improves overall performance.

Applause for ‘failures’
Irun4Ultra reflects on whether a DNF can really be a failure if it makes you pick yourself up, retrain and try again. What do you think? Read the article here.

Made to be Broken
US ultra runner Karl Meltzer broke the tough Appalachian trail record by running 2,189 miles from Maine to Georgia in 45 days, 22 hours and 38 minutes. His incredible feat is chronicled in a new documentary, “Made to be broken”. Watch the trailer:

Badwater 135
A non-stop race that starts 80m below sea level in extreme heat and finishes 135miles later 2530m up a mountain. Badwater 135 is one of the most iconic ultra races on the planet. 19 nationalities were represented in the 2017 40th edition. Read a summary of what happened here.

Climbing tips
Ultra mountain running is booming as many ultra runners seek a further challenge to the flatter country trails. Ian Corless has a few tips to increase your chances of race success. Read his tips here.

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