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7 articles on volcanic islands, heart training, injuries, positivity, ageing and ultranoia

Photo credit: RunUltra.

7 articles on volcanic islands, heart training, injuries, positivity, ageing and ultranoia


Last updated: 24-Aug-18

By Elsa Trujillo

This week we bring you a balanced selection of articles that dwell on the physical and the psychological aspect of running.

As an appetizer, we’ve found this great inspirational video of running a classic Portuguese event that combines mountain and sea level running.

On the body side of this compilation, we have selected articles on heartbeat training, on preventing injuries and about running and training in your later years.

On the mind side of things, we have the power of positivity, an encounter with post-race depression and pre-race paranoia.

Run a volcanic challenge
In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. A three stage run on three different Portuguese islands, running from sea level to the top of some amazing volcanic formations. Watch this video of the Azores Trail Run.

Train your heart
According to David Roche, your body has ways to fight your love of trail running. Training your heart beat is a good way to quantify exertion. Read his article here.

Prevent injuries
Injuries are one of those things that can keep you off the trails. Whilst not suggesting you quit while you’re ahead, this article explains the differences between disfunction and injury and how correcting the first can help you avoid the second.

Smile, you’re running
Doing something you love does not always combine well with the excruciating physical effort of running very long distances; this article explores how smiling and a positive attitude can improve not only your overall running mood but also your performance.

Post-race depression
As ultra-runners know well, there’s a plethora of emotions associated with a specific running event: fulfilling plans, the anxiety of pre-race jitters (see below), the huge mental effort of completing the race… and post-race depression. Read Stephanie Bales’ personal experience here.

Aching joints?
You know you don’t want to stop, but as the years fly by your recovery time decreases and your injuries increase. Read this article on how to keep running strong and healthy no matter how old you are.

Are you ready?
Even if you’ve followed the training, improved your diet, packed the right kit and assembled the right crew, chances are there will be a niggling feeling of anxiety at the back (or front of your mind). RunUltra’s very own ultra hero, James Eacott, has coined the word ultranoia and explains in this article how to control it.

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