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Photo credit: RunUltra.

7 articles on sweat, injuries, blisters, mental hurdles, newbies and mistakes


Last updated: 24-Aug-18

By Elsa Trujillo

Late spring and early summer are busy weeks for ultra runners, with the global calendar crammed with crazy long distance events. So for this week’s selection of ultra running web reading, we have some very relatable themes.

There’s an article on sweating and hydration, and two more on how to navigate an injury timeout and deal with the ever-present blisters. We also have a great Ginger Runner podcast on mental hurdles, and for those of you who’ve accidentally landed on this page…

… take up running! We have two great pieces, one for real running rookies and one for those of you approaching your first ever ultra event. Read on.

Sweat rate
Trail Runner has put together a great piece on hydration and sweat calculation (yes, you can calculate your rate of sweat). Read it here.

If you’re one of those people who never get blisters you’re in for a surprise. Read this article on the main causes of blisters and be prepared!

Run volcanoes
Watch the latest teaser video for the Transgrancanaria 2019. This could be you in eight months’ time.

Check out ultra runner Megan Roche’s suggestions on how to deal with an injury that keeps you away from the trails. Read the article here.

No excuses
You don’t really need much – some people run barefoot- as running can be one of the cheapest health activities you can engage in. Here are 6 great tips to get those hips moving.

Mental hurdles
Ultra running coaches Megan and David Roche visit the Ginger Runner live show to discuss mental hurdles in running.

Don’t do this
RunUltra’s own ultra runner James Eacott puts together a list of 7 mistakes runners can make on the eve of their first ultra. Avoid them.

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