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Ultra X announce World Championships

Photo Credit: Benedict Tufnell

Ultra X announce World Championships


Last updated: 18-Jul-20

By Sarah Cooke

Who are Ultra X?

The Ultra X team are known for their international multistage races:

Ultra X 125 Azores
Ultra X Jordan 
Ultra X Mexico 
Ultra X Sri Lanka and the new
Tribe Relay Across Scotland

Co-founder Sam Heward describes the aim of Ultra X as ‘to launch the largest series of multi-stage ultra races on the planet...to make ultra running more accessible and affordable to those who wanted to take part’.

In addition, Ultra X has a commendable sustainability policy and aims to offset its greenhouse gas emissions every quarter. Race entrants will be offered a Travel Carbon Calculator. Those who choose to offset the impact of their flights will receive a discount for a future event.

What are the World Championships?

Billed as ultra running’s answer to Ironman’s Kona and cycling’s Tour de France, the Ultra X World Championships take place from 5th to 13th June 2021 in the mountains of Slovenia. This is the first ever international multistage ultra running World Championship.

The 250km 5-day event will involve 100 elite runners and 150 other competitors who meet the qualification criteria. The winners will be named the King and Queen of multi-day trail racing and will be awarded a cash prize.

The prize purse is worth £50,000 with prizes awarded for stages and age categories. The overall King and Queen will each be awarded £10,000.

Why Slovenia?

Sam Heward explains that Slovenia is the World’s most sustainable country. It is the perfect location to ensure Ultra X leads the way in environmentally responsible ultra running.

The course is in the west of the country with the Julian Alps to the north and the Adriatic coast to the south. Runners will enjoy both the plateaus of the Vipava Valley and the mountain trails of the Soča Valley.

Who can enter?


Elite entrants are required to have a minimum ITRA Performance Index of 600 for women and 725 for men. Some of the elite line-up is already conformed, including:

  • Pau Capell
  • Hillary Allen
  • Tom Evans (read our recent interview)
  • Maggie Guterl
  • Edson Kumwamba
  • Mimmi Kotka
  • Mike Wardian
  • Ragna Debats
  • Salameh Al-Aqra
  • Gediminas Grinius
  • Jason Schlarb
  • Holly Rush
  • Pete Kostelnick


Registration opens here on 27th June 2020. Entries will be on a first come first basis for those meeting one of the following criteria:

  • Qualifying via another Ultra X race (those eligible are listed on the event website)
  • Having completed 2 Ultra X events in the past 2 years
  • Fundraising – 20 charity places are available
  • Winning one of two free competition places (entries close 26th June) Enter here

This looks like an exciting addition to the ultra calendar and we are looking forward to following its progress.


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