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7 articles on shoes, food and the workings of your ultra mind

7 articles on shoes, food and the workings of your ultra mind


Last updated: 16-Apr-19

By Elsa Trujillo

If you celebrated Easter or just took a well deserved vacation, you might have had the opportunity to catch up on your backlog of ultra reading. Well done! At RunUltra we never stop working to bring you the best content and this is what we’ve found for you this week.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes
Where do you buy your shoes? Do you buy old models or are you an early adopter? Here’s a recent study on the price of running shoes in the US and how much cheaper certain brands are if you buy them online.

Inside the mind of an ultra runner
Experts call it exercise-related distress and ultra runners must be able to master it if they are to succeed. Read this article about a study of an ultra runner’s emotional reactions to long-distance running.

Pain? What pain?
And here’s another study, this time about how marathon runners progressively forget how painful their recent running experience has been from the time they finish to a few months down the line.

The nutrition secret of the pros
Food, food, glorious food. And calories. David Roche writes about how you should not be shy about your fuel intake if you’re a serious runner. This article is no longer available.

How to stop boredom when you run
Not everyone achieves a state of nirvana when running and extra help is needed to stay committed to the trail. Article no longer available

Run with your best friend
Even if you don’t have a dog or run with it, this video will touch your heart. Watch Trail Dog, the latest episode of Salomon Running TV.

Everything you need to know to run a 50km ultra
You’re going to be reading and hearing a lot about the Marathon des Sables this April so if you’re thinking of increasing your running distance in the coming months, read our RunUltra article on how to master 50km distance running.

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09:37 16-04-19

Massive amount of useful information. Brilliant for like minded people.