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Running on healthy – 5 health and nutrition articles to keep you going

Running on healthy – 5 health and nutrition articles to keep you going


Last updated: 19-Oct-18

This month we bring you another selection of our expert nutritionist Rin Cobb’s RunUltra articles focused on health aspects and good nutrition: immunity, supplements, recovery, GI issues and health obsessions.

Is your immunity larder well stocked?
Warding off those winter colds, flu or even the dreaded norovirus may seem like a futile effort at this time of year but despite this, many of you will be taking a multitude of nutritional supplements, in the belief or hope they’ll keep you lurgy free, whilst debating whether you should run that 40miler at the weekend … Read on.

The road to recovery
As runners, fitting in our weekly mileage around life can sometimes seem like a juggling act, particularly when training for an ultra race. Pounding out all those miles however takes its toll on the body and nutrition is key to not only fuel your runs but also help you recover. Keep reading.

Running from the runs
If you’ve ever found yourself out on a run, seeking out the nearest toilet rather than the next checkpoint, you’re not alone. Gastrointestinal (GI) issues affect a significant number of runners, which is not only distressing but can put an end to a race before it’s even begun. So why are some affected more than others and what can you do about it? Read the complete article.

Supplements, the do’s and don’ts
Pills, potions, powders; supplements come in all shapes and sizes from your daily multivitamin to your post run protein powder. Many of you may pop a pill “just in case” you’re not meeting your daily nutrition needs. Around a quarter of UK adults report doing so. There has also been a soar in supplement sales in recent years so the question is, do you need to be supplementing? Read more.

Five signs you could be too healthy
With all the healthy eating messages being thrust down our throats, it’s no wonder it’s a common topic of discussion. We all have our own thoughts about what healthy eating means to us individually, leading to the food choices we make. There’s no denying a healthy balanced lifestyle is the way forward, but is there a point when it can go too far and we can become ‘too’ healthy? Read the article.

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