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7 videos on Sisu, Iran, effective practice, film trailers and Hawaii

Photo credit: RunUltra.

7 videos on Sisu, Iran, effective practice, film trailers and Hawaii


Last updated: 14-Mar-19

By Elsa Trujillo

At RunUltra we celebrate male and female ultra runners from around the world. This week on the tail of last week’s International Women’s Day, we bring you the feats of some extraordinary women ultra runners from New Zealand, Sweden and the US. Also some running practice tips and the story of HURT in the Aloha State. Last but not least we tracked down runner Gwen Dellar to tell us about being lost and alone in the desert – it is a cautionary tale.

Raising adventurous and brave children
In this TEDx Exeter talk, New Zealand ultra runner and Skyrunner champion Anna Frost explains her personal experience of the Finnish concept of Sisu and how to encourage children to succeed through trial and error. 

An ultra race of trust
In 2015, Swedish ultra runner Kristina Paltén set out to run across Iran, alone. Watch the trailer for the documentary Alone Through Iran, 1144 miles of trust.

Running with the belles
Michelle Smith documented the aftermath of her own terrible mountain accident in 2010 and after her recovery she started to combine film-making with female running groups. Watch their attempt to take on the famous Four Pass Loop in Aspen, Colorado.

Practice makes perfect
Watch this TED Edu presentation by Annie Bosler and Don Greene on how effective practice affects our brain and how to do it effectively. It works for everything, running included.

Life in a day
Filmmaker and trail runner Billy Yang chronicles four women’s attempts to run and finish the Western States 100 2016. Watch Magdalena Boulet, Kaci Lickteig, Devon Yanko and Anna Mae Flynn in the official trailer of the Life In A Day film documentary.

Lost in the desert
In 2010, during the annual edition of the Marathon des Sables, Gwen Dellar took a wrong turn in the desert. Read about her story and watch the video.

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