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Our top 10 most popular running articles in 2016

Photo credit: RunUltra.

Our top 10 most popular running articles in 2016


Last updated: 06-Nov-18

By Kathryn Bullock

Here are the top ten articles that RunUltra brought you in 2016*.

There is something for everyone here - for runners just starting ultras to those aiming up the mountains. Everything from controversy to gels. You'll find training plans, nutrition tips and a few articles for those of you still trying to burn off their Christmas fat. They are all on RunUltra

We will be bringing you lots more of all the great advice, stories and ideas that our brilliant writers and our fantastic community have to offer in 2017.

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And remember we love hearing from you and publishing your experiences. For now, though, sit back and enjoy. We’d love it if you shared our top 10 list with your running friends.

10 Free training programme - transitioning from ultra finisher to ultra competitor by Andy Mouncey

9 All you need to know about ketosis and fat adaptation by Amy Tribolini

8 How to lose fat ultra running by James Eacott

7 Record breaking Badwater 135 by Alice Morrison

6 Everything you need to know to run a 50km ultra by Alice Morrison

5 The long run by Ian Corless

4 Rob Young interview – questions on the controversy by Luke Jarmey

3 Base training for ultra runners by Ian Corless

2 10 best energy gels by Steve Diederich

1 Mountain ultra running training programme by Andy Mouncey

* Analysis based on the number of page views for our running articles from 1 January – 31 December 2016.

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