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7 articles and videos on adventure running, cramps, trail etiquette, pain management and salt


Last updated: 24-Aug-18

By Elsa Trujillo

You can almost smell the arrival of spring. Snow and icicles be gone! Here’s our latest selection of internet articles for you to enjoy. This week we have a great video about challenging runs in extreme landscapes and great advice on how to prepare for your first ultra running trip.

We have research on golden age exercising, cramps and pain management and a useful article on trail running etiquette. Last but not least, Renee McGregor, our in-house nutritionist explores the importance of salt intake when running and training.

Qamaniq adventure
Three women attempt a running challenge through ancestral lands in Kuururjuaq National Park, Quebec (Canada). Watch the trailer:

First time away from home?
Some helpful tips on how to select and prepare for your first 100-miler far away from home. Read them here.

It’s never too late to exercise
According to the BBC, recent research suggests that exercising in your later years will seriously improve your immune system and prevent ailments of the body and mind. Read the article here.

You will cramp
If you haven’t yet, you will. Still not clearly understood, this article explores recent changes in their research and understanding and provides clues as to how to treat them.

Pain management
And you will hurt. Are you a pain “ignorer” or a pain “freak-outer”? Here’s an article on how to handle the negative effects of training and running.

Trail etiquette
You think you know the etiquette, but read these three tips to be certain you’re behaving correctly on the trails. Here’s the article.

Could it be salt?
RunUltra’s very own nutritionist pens this piece on the importance of salt in your efforts to improve performance. Read the article.

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