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7 of the best runner stories

Photo credit: Kate Allen

7 of the best runner stories


Last updated: 05-Apr-19

By Kate Allen

Ultra running can be a lonely sport, but it also has a wonderfully strong community spirit.  What drives that even more extreme animal, the solo endurance athlete, to seek not only extreme hardship and endurance, but to seek it alone? The Guardian explores the fascinating sport psychology behind them which can give us lessons in our running.  Read the article

We’ve all been there; our run suddenly becomes uncomfortable and you immediately start to evaluate your nearby loo options.  There’s nothing an ultra runner loves more than some ukpoochat and Ruth Keeley offers some hilarious advice after doing some Twitter research: Read the blog

I love running with my dog in the hills.  This article gives some interesting advice on caring for your dog in the mountains – we may not have much snow any more but there are some really useful tips to remember for those of you who love running with your mate: Read the article

If you use Strava you’ll be aware of heatmaps – a way of showing the most popular routes people have taken and how often you run in certain places.  You can see your own heatmap and a global one.  Well, how about this then: Rickey Gates ran every street in San Francisco in an attempt to truly learn about his home and this is the Salomon movie he made.   

On the off-chance you have recently won the lottery, you may like to update your GPX with a watch from the latest Garmin MARQ range.  We all love a bit of tech and to be able to put it together with some stylish designs would make a nice change.  The ever-popular DC Rainmaker gives us his opinion here.

This month we saw International Woman’s Day and whatever you think of the concept, this story about Alison North really inspired me from Hannah Kirkman’s Blue Sky Running blog.  Imagine attempting your first ultra at the age of 64 and loving it so much you go back for more… Read the article

Last but not least, inov-8 have announced the exciting news that Paul Tierney is to attempt to break Steve Birkinshaw’s Wainwright record this summer.  Steve broke Joss Naylor’s 27 year record in 2014 by running all the Wainwrights in 6 days, 13 hours and 1 minute.   Read the article

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