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Drink, run, replenish, repeat. 5 RunUltra articles on how to keep your water levels optimal


Last updated: 19-Jul-18

By Elsa Trujillo

Drink cool fresh water and plenty of fluids to hydrate. If this sentence doesn’t make you thirsty, these articles certainly will. We’ve put together our best articles on hydration by our favourite nutritionist Rin Cobb. We cover all situations and locations in which water is a key element of your training, running and racing: high altitude mountains, deserts, jungles; we also analyse different products in the market that will keep you at the best levels of hydration: smart waters (!?) and hydration vests.

Nutrition highs

Keeping hydrated when high up a mountain is not just about hydration, it’s also about keeping altitude sickness at bay. Read it here.

What to drink when humidity is all around you

Running in jungles requires that you keep your hydration at the right level to help your body out when acclimatising to humid heat. Read the article.

The latest H20 flooding our shelves

When regular tap water with or without electrolytes just won’t do, there’s a whole new range of water plus ones on our supermarket shelves these days. Rin Cobb investigates.

Top tips to keep hydrated

Of course, hydrating too has its limits. Avoid nasty surprises by knowing how much water you really need to drink in each situation. Read Rin’s advice to balance drink, sweat and pee.

Salomon Advanced Skin 3 – 5 hydration vest

And finally, we’re adding Steve Diederich’s review of the Salomon Advanced Skin 3-5 hydration vest, one of the many options on the market to carry your water with you as you run. Read what Steve has to say.

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