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Top Reviews April 2017

Photo credit: Liverpool to Manchester Ultra.

Top Reviews April 2017


Last updated: 25-Oct-18

By Luke Jarmey

We’re pleased to announce our top reviews for April. So congratulations to Daniel Stinton who will receive a pack of 33Shake Chia Energy Gels.

Liverpool to Manchester Ultra - England, UK

This is the first time that we’ve picked the same top reviewer two months running (pun partially intended). But reading Daniel Stinton’s humorous and fantastically written personal account of the Liverpool to Manchester Ultra, how could we not. Particular highlights were the opening line: ‘I’m not a morning runner. I’m not even a moaning runner, but I do moan about mornings’.

But also his second paragraph. Which is so brilliantly self-deprecating and on point, that it would be rude not to paste it in its entirety: ‘As is the norm with such races I’m standing in the middle of a field with a bunch of compression clad warriors decked from head-to-toe with the latest stretch fabric, multi-bottle, hydro-ultra-tech-lightweight rucksacks crammed with expensive waterproofs that no-one wants to actually use.’ Please do yourself a favour and give the rest of his review a read, it’ll be sure to make you grin.

CTS Exmoor - England, UK

Badly twisting his ankle, but soldiering on till the marathon distance point, John Ryan (@ultraventure) proves in his positive reflection of the CTS Exmoor, that race failures can still be great experiences. Penning an informative report of the race and its various distance options, this is great reading for anyone considering giving it a crack.

60 van Texel - Netherlands

Whilst technically not a review, Martien Baars, the race director of the 60 Van Texel, one of Holland's premier ultra’s, provides a modified version of an interview involving himself. Making for very interesting material. He outlines the history of the race, as well a detailed description of its current form.

South Downs Way 50 - England, UK

A race review by Sarah Cooke (@SarahCrunning), is always something we look forward to. And well, she doesn’t disappoint with her thoughtful and detailed account of the South Downs Way 50. Overwhelmingly positive, this report carries on a bit of a theme with events by Centurion Running. They certainly seem to know what they’re doing, with nothing but amazing feedback from the numerous reviews of their races.

Tyne Trail Ultra - England, UK

A close encounter with a bull certainly didn’t dampen Deborah Allum’s (@deblouallum)
enthusiasm for the Tyne Trail Ultra. Her detailed description of the race and its route, makes handy reading for any prospective runners.

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