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7 articles on depression, training stress, heart, mind and knees

Photo credit: RunUltra.

7 articles on depression, training stress, heart, mind and knees


Last updated: 24-Aug-18

By Elsa Trujillo

This week our selection of web articles comes full of body parts. In the best possible sense, of course. For this body & mind selection we’ve chosen an article on training stress and how to use it to your advantage, how trail running can aid in fighting depression, an article on the effects of running on your heart, on how you can train yourself to be mentally tougher and how to manage the very real horror of knee pain.

We also have two inspirational videos this week, one features Adam Campbell’s remarkable recovery after a terrible accident and the other is for those of you thinking about trying trail running in new settings. Enjoy.

Emily Fife discusses how her trail running has helped her deal with her depression, finding focus and strengthening her patience and perseverance. Read her article here.

Training stress
Ever heard of the GAS model? It’s all about stress. Read on and find out how you can build endurance through training stress, allow for recovery and avoid exhaustion.

In constant motion
In 2016 Adam Campbell suffered a near-death accident whilst on a trail traverse. The story of his remarkable recovery and comeback is now a short film. Watch it here:

Oman, not what you expect
If you’re expecting just a desert, you’ll be surprised. There are some serious mountain ranges and canyons for trail running. And of course, you can run on the sand dunes. Watch this short film.

Hearts …
What does your heart think of your running? Underlying health issues and predisposition aside, running is good for your heart both short and long term. Read this piece by Tracy Beth Høeg MD.

Our favourite RunUltra coach and short-listed blogger, Andy Mouncey discusses how to work to achieve mental toughness.

…and knees
Karina Teahan is our go to physiotherapist and in this article, she explores the diagnosis and the best steps to manage your Anterior Knee Pain otherwise known as Runner’s Knee.

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