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Good health, muddy boots and how to speak ultra

Photo credit: RunUltra.

Good health, muddy boots and how to speak ultra


Last updated: 19-Jul-18

By Elsa Trujillo

At RunUltra we know you’re busy with your work, your training and your lives so not a lot of time is left to browse the web and keep up to date with all your followed blogs and online news pages.

So from now on we’d like to help you out and contribute by bringing you our choice of articles to read. Do feel free to improve the selection and let us know which articles you have read lately that other runners should be aware of. Use the website to get in touch, our social media channels or drop us a line at [email protected]


How to talk like an ultrarunner
Are you a newbie? Got your trainers? Here’s a chance to learn about your bladder, your handheld and your gels, and they’re probably not what you’re thinking. Read the full article.

When Mother Nature won’t cooperate
Let’s face it, by definition ultra running is not a walk in the park. You get used to mud, slippery trails, loose rocks, hunger and pain, but lightning, fog and wildfires are a completely different thing. So when is it no longer safe to keep running? Read the full article.

Ultrarunning Magazine launches the Ultrarunning Race Series
If you live in the USA or Canada, this is some really good news and a new challenge: the new UltraRunning Race Series will keep track of all your race results and put together an annual regional and overall score. Top scorers will get a free entry to Western States 100. Coming to Europe soon, we hope. Read the full article.


What happens to your body during a gruelling ultra marathon?
You think you know but maybe you don’t. You’ve experienced some of the pain, the cramps, the pink elephants and the blisters but that’s not all. If they don’t already know, maybe you shouldn’t share this article with your closest family. Read the full article.

Pregnancy, the hardest race of all
A very personal account of how female runners combine the physical demands of the sport and their desire to have children and how to cope when it all goes terribly wrong. Read the full article.


5 ways to jump-start your training before 2016
Ok, we’ve still got a month to go before Christmas, but are you ready, set and go for 2016? Assess your motivations and set your training goals. Read the full article.

7 workouts that will keep you in shape this winter
Brave the cold or stay indoors, there’s plenty you can do to fight the calorie intake of the coming December holidays. Read the full article.

7 top cross training sessions for ultra runners
We’ve left the best till last. Our very own ultra runner and RunUltra team member James Eacott has a choice of sessions for those ultra runners who are thinking of making a move into cross training. Read the full article.

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