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Photo credit: RunUltra.

7 articles on consistency, tips for multistage, dressing for success and downhill technique


Last updated: 19-Oct-18

By Elsa Trujillo

Our latest selection of ultra running related articles from the web focuses on the practicalities of packing for a multistage as described by Ian Corless, to a range of training and running improvement suggestions such as the difference between consistency and intensity, how to stop your legs from aching and how to master downhill running. And last, but not least our very own RunUltra article on how to keep your immunity well stocked.

Consistency not intensity
Avoid injury and burnout by focusing on consistency and not intensity in your training. Read the article by David Roche here. This article is no longer available.

Top tips for multistage
On a more practical note, Ian Corless has his top tips on how to prepare for your first multistage or improve your results the second (or third) time round. Read it here.

Dress for success
On an even more practical note, here are your tips for making sure your choice of clothing for your daily run, or on race day, add to your success and do not act as a detriment. Read them here.

How to master downhill
You might have your own trick for running downhill but here are four suggestions on how to improve your way down a technical run.

How to stop your legs from aching
This week we also have post-race tips, with eight recommendations about how to stop your legs from aching in the hours and days after crossing the finish line. Read it here.

Supplemental training
Add 60 more minutes to your training to add speed, increase durability and enhancing flexibility. Read how here.

Stock up on nutrients
Rin Cobb explains how you can use nutrition to fight off that dreaded winter cold. Read her article here.

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