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7 running videos to get you on the trails

The Everest Trail Race. Photo credit: RunUltra.

7 running videos to get you on the trails


Last updated: 13-Jun-17

By Elsa Trujillo

This week we bring you a video bonanza to visually inspire you to go out there and do more. We have videos of runners Timothy Olson, Anton Krupicka, Anna Frost, Rickey Gates and Dakota Jones ,an inspirational video on mountain trail running and video tips from 2015 MDS female winner Elisabet Barnes on how to pack for a multistage ultra. 

Run well.

The Unknown teaser trailer
Watch the teaser trailer for the upcoming film about US ultra runner Timothy Olson preparation for his second attempt at the Hardrock 100 in Silverton, Colorado 2016.


Bike, run, climb. Repeat.
Still in Colorado, watch Anton Krupicka, the “endurance monster”, achieve his own personal unsupported triathlon at Longs Peak Trail in just over nine hours.


Run Nowhere
Nowhere is somewhere in Utah. Follow Rickey Gates and Dakota Jones in their solo exploration run of some of the most breath-taking canyon running locations you could ever imagine.


The spirit of trail running
Not sure mountain running is your thing? Watch this inspirational video about mountain trail running in the Alps. We believe your feet will start itching for a run.


Tor des Geants
Were you there? One of Europe’s classic epic mountain ultra runs at 330km, watch the official report of this year’s Tor des Geants in the Italian Alps. It’s incredible to watch how the spectators encourage and applaud the runners throughout the race.


Run the Japanese Alps
Rickey Gates and Anna Frost run the Japanese Alps at Nihon and explore the Japanese practise of Shugendo, an examination of how we relate with the natural world.


Ready to travel?
If your mind is made up to signup for a multi-stage ultra or a self-supported race somewhere around the world, here’s how to maximise your pack. Watch ultra running champion Elisabet Barnes pack.


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