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RunUltra's Top 10 Reviews for October 2016

TrofeoKima. Photo credit: Ian Corless www.iancorless.org.

RunUltra's Top 10 Reviews for October 2016


Last updated: 25-Oct-18

By Luke Jarmey

We’re pleased to announce our top 10 reviews for October. So congratulations to Colin Thornton (@colinthornton1) who will receive a pack of 33Shake Chia Energy Gels.

Leadville 100 - USA

The Leadville 100 is a race that certainly stirs the soul of many a self-discerning ultra runner. One of the most prestigious 100 mile events around, it’s firmly on the bucket list for most runners.

Nevertheless, it has had its share of controversy. Colin describes how he ran it in the particularly problematic year of 2013, and that whilst he agreed with some of the negative press, he still had a great time. Well, we really like that. It goes to show that just because certain aspects of a race’s organization aren’t up scratch, other aspects such as the volunteers and your fellow racers, can still make it a marvellously magical event to run in.

In no particular order, here are our remaining nine top reviews for October.

Trofeo Kima - Italy

Colin generously graced us with another top review this month, this time from the Trofeo Kima. In Colin’s words ‘It's THE skyrunning race’. Give it a read to find out why.

Weald Challenge 50k - England, UK

Next up, Paul Kelly (@UltraBoyRuns) had his expectations defied by the Weald Challenge 50km. Apparently, this has everything you’d want from a race, including ‘very tasty’ post race cake. Sign us up we say. Read his review.

CCC - Italy

Dominic Rowsell took on the CCC (Courmayeur Champex Chamonix), one of the sister races of the UTMB. We loved his description of it, as ‘a race that wants you to finish’. For a 100km mountain race, that’s really rather lovely to hear.

Sciacchetrail - Italy

Dominic also reviewed the Sciacchetrail. He seemed enamoured with the mix of terrain, including ‘wonderful undulating woodland’ and cobbled streets, but did point out the expense of the race, in part due to the small entry field.

Gower Ultra 50 - Wales, UK

The Gower Peninsula is a fantastic part of Wales, with the Gower Ultra 50 being a great excuse to go there. Being a local, Mark Evans (@ivorbend) had it all on his doorstep and loved it. He recounts the top notch organization etc. As well as ‘one of the tastiest after race meals of chilli and rice I've had in a long time’.

Round Ripon - England, UK

Simon Bourke (@Simon_Bourke) describes the Round Ripon Ultra 35 as a ‘mix of quiet road, woodland, fields, farm and moor.’ The sublime views with a good selection of cake and jelly babies at the checkpoints seems, well… sublime. Hmmm good race food does seem to be a bit of theme this month.

Ladybower 50 - England, UK

The Ladybower 50 gets a resounding ‘5 stars!!’ from Jill Butterworth (@runningjilly). Probably her favourite ultra, this was her second time running it and she bagged 4th place lady.

Causeway Coast Ultra - Northern Ireland, UK

Depicting it as ‘underrated for difficulty’, Richard Duffy still counts the Causeway Coast Ultra as a top event. Unfortunately having to DNF with a gashed finger, Richard says he’ll be back next year. Definitely the mark of a good event.

High Peak 40 - England, UK

On the flip side, Robin Sanderson (@FeetInTheCrowds) describes the High Peak 40 as a ‘good introduction to trail ultras’. Picturesque surroundings and frequent checkpoints are two ingredients that can certainly help first time ultra runners come back for another bite.

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